UNIREF 26th Club Mykonos Gymkhana

Saturday, February 28, 2015
Langebaan, West Coast

Weather forecast promises temperatures between 13ºC and 30ºC with conditions Mostly Sunny and Warm with a High UV factor of 7 and a gusty South Easter of 13knots / 24km/h. Sunrise at 06h35 and Sunset at 19h25. There are a number of activities on the West Coast this weekend so expect speed traps and roadblocks - drive safely at all times! 

Currently down to 44 Entries which could see the first set of runs become practice runs? Please check the Provisional Entry List for errors and provide missing information.

WBMK Gymkhana 99

Saturday, August 16, 2014
8th Lions Vredendal, Matzikama, West Coast

At the time of writing 50 provisional entries were on record for the 8th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana. A magnificent entry in tough times. The Coathangers had their stategy meeting tonight and there are fourteen entries confirmed for Mykonos - with more good news soon to be announced!

Road between Clanwilliam and Citrusdal have bad potholes, please drive carefully! Ten stop-go roadworks so please be patient and be prepared to wait.

WBMK Gymkhana 100

Saturday, September 13, 2014
25th Club Mykonos, Langebaan, West Coast

The 100th Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana have received 100 Entries! Changes will happen before Saturday but please check your entry and confirm that the information is correct as the Scoring Computer will be receiving this information. Thank you for the brilliant support - let us enjoy an exciting but always safe event on Saturday!

WBMK Gymkhana 101

Saturday, October 18, 2014
9th Weskus Mall Gymkhana Vredenburg

49 Teams started the 9th Weskus Mall Gymkhana.

Events page on Facebook for 9th Weskus Mall Gymkhana Vredenburg have been launched

Updated Championship Points Log, Overall and Classes, after Round 6 is attached

WBMK Gymkhana 102

Saturday, November 15, 2014
6th WBMK Gymkhana Ceres

An advanced thank you to Pierre and Jacques du Plessis, Johann Zulch and Walter van Dyk for their efforts in getting permission for this superb new venue. Pierre van der Westhuizen driving the paperwork behind the scenes and everyone else who have been giving this event support.

A nominal R10 entrance fee per person will be charged at the gate and all spectators are requested to park on the open area on the left after having entered the venue. You can then take your chairs and sit under the roof ed spectator area that runs almost as long as the route itself.  

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