10th Sir Garnet Gymkhana Wolseley - WBMK G130

Saturday, May 5, 2018
Solomon Street, Wolseley

Bear with WBMK as an unforseen administrative problem may require another date movement. To be announced as soon as possible.

Round two of the 2018 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Championship set for Saturday 5 May 2018 will see competitors head for the Boland and more specifically Solomon Street in Wolseley where the 130th WBMK Gymkhana will undoubtedly result in another competitive, but fun event. The 1930 Sir Garnet Hotel as always the event HQ and this will be the 10th Sir Garnet Gymkhana Wolseley. It is anticipated that a number of the "regulars" will be returning to the series.

The proposed 2018 WBMK Gymkhana dates were submitted before the official MSA Calender had been fixed and as such a number of clashing interests have since been discovered which could see a few gymkhana dates moving.

Changing the date from 28 April 2018 to 5 May 2018 upon request from competitors.


20180505 10th Sir Garnet Gymkhana Wolseley - Entry Forms.doc58 KB
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