5th Sir Garnet Gymkhana Wolseley - WBMK G113

Saturday, May 21, 2016
Wolseley, Boland, Western Cape

Missing many names including Kobus Wilson Jnr, Hermie de Kock, Nico Deetlefs, Izak van Zyl Jnr, Izak van Zyl Snr, Günther Appelgryn, Marius Ellis, Francois Mostert, Anton Smit, Hilton Africa, Leon Engelbrecht, Marius Swart, Louis Groenewald, Nashrené Schloss, Duncan Jepthas and many more?

Weather is currently being given as beautiful sun with clouds. Temperature high of 24ºC said to feel 26ºC. Sunrise at 07h32 with Sun highest at 10h15 and Sunset at 17h47. Lowest temperature early morning / late night 5ºC varying from 12ºC to 24ºC with a 2m/s Easterly breeze in the morning changing to 1m/s West Sout West. Should be a very nice day!

No need to panic, the route is not that bad. In fact it's far worse!

Think big and drive with your head and resist the temptation from the right foot - appliccable to all except Izak in the Toyota.

Easy one to lose, tough one to win.

Watch out for the next Wolseley event though.

First of two visits to during 2016.

The 5th Sir Garnet Gymkhana Wolseley is going ahead.

Entries are open.

More information will be posted Monday evening.

Sir Garnet Wolseley, the British Governor of Natal, would probably have enjoyed some of the horseless carraiges that descended from Nuwekloof, Du Toitskloof, Bainskloof and Michell’s Pass on Saturday 21 May 2016. Unfortunately much had changed since the little town in the Breede River Valley was named after him in 1910, but the 1930 Sir Garnet Hotel still looks much the same and every...

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