All the action at Killarney this weekend


This coming weekend Killarney race track will be hosting Streetracing events of all kinds including:

# Western Province Motor Club Drag for cars and motorcycles (9am – 5pm)
# Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Series (9am – 5pm)
# Street2Strip – quarter mile drags for Streetcars as well as drifting practice on the oval side of the circuit (6pm – 10pm)

R45pp, U12 FREE (till 4pm), then R35pp, U12 FREE

# Streetcar Track Day (11am – 3pm)
It costs R300 to put your car onto the circuit, R200 for WPMC club members, passengers cost R50 each.  See below for more info on Killarney Streetcar Track Days, NO LOUD VEHICLES allowed.

There will be a meeting for MSA Drag competitors at Killarney WPMC Clubhouse on Wed 20th Feb at 8pm.

Catch the Capes top quarter mile experts at the first round of the Western Province Motor Club Drag championship at Killarney this coming Saturday.  Action is scheduled to start from 9am and continue on the main straight till about 5pm.  Competitions will include heads up and bracket racing for both cars and motorcycles.

A huge congratulations must go out to Isgak Allie for winning the 2012 WPMC Drag racing championship, Isgak has proven to be a worthy competitor at local drag race meetings at Killarney.

This year MSA has made social licenses available for R250 and medical cover will be optional to cars that do NOT go quicker than 12,5 seconds over the quarter mile.  For cars going quicker than 12,5 seconds these racers will be required to hold WPMC membership, an MSA Club competition licence as well as MSA medical cover.  For the motorcycles the R250 social licence is available with optional medical over until you go quicker than 11 seconds over the quarter mile, any biker doing sub 10 seconds will be required to have MSA medical cover at a minimum cost of R450. As usual, MSA licence applications will be available at entries on the morning of the event or call MSA on 021 556-1026.

The oval side of the circuit will be run by the Witzenberg Motor Club, they will be hosting their first Gymkhana of the year at Killarney this coming weekend. This idea has been spoken about many times and its very exciting to see this collaboration finally taking place and it has been a while since Killarney played host to a hotly contested Gymkhana event where power is not as important as control.  The course will be layout out using the large tarred area in Turn 2 as well as a section of the oval.  For more info on this Gymkhana event as well as club membership and licence issues please contact Patrick Vermaak on 0837018116 or email

Plans are also under way for a mini Soundoff and Parkoff in and around the Killarney New Pit facility during the course of the day, if you would like more info about this please call Stephan on 0767311343.

Street2Strip will take place from about 6pm till 10pm with entries scheduled to start at the main gate caravan from 5pm.  Entries will be limited to the first 200 vehicles only, this would exclude any drifters that would like to practice on the oval till 9pm.

Remember that the admission fee to get in on Saturday is R45 per person with youngsters under the age of 12 get in for free.  The fee is reduced from 5pm to R35 per person for the Street2Strip part of the day.

Sunday is another Killarney Streetcar Track day, the briefing will be at 11am with cars on the track till about 3pm.

For more info on these and other events call Killarney on 021 557-1639 or email




         Social licence fee for 2013 will be R250. Club licence price R395.
         Personal Accident Insurance(Medical Insurance) will be optional but highly recommended for social licence holders.  Club licence holder will be required to take MSA personal medical insurance as per MSA club licence requirements.
         This social licence will be valid for 2013 to all clubs that hold Street racing and Club championships.
         This will apply to Club classes only.
         This social licence will only apply to cars that are running 12.5 seconds and slower (12.5 seconds and more) at Killarney Race Track.  The national rule is 11 seconds however in the interest of safety at Killarney this rule will be enforced from 12.5 seconds at Killarney Race Track by the Western Province Motor Club.
         Any vehicle (excluding motorcycles) running quicker than 12.5 seconds regardless of whether it complies with the rules in Street Eliminator or Non Championship Street Drag racing rules, will have to take out a full club licence with compulsory Personal Accident Insurance (Medical Insurance) and WPMC membership.
         Any competitor who has taken out this social / club licence will not be able to compete in a Regional or National Championship class with this licence.  
         Any competitor who wishes to compete in a Regional or National Class on Regional or National race days must have a full Regional or National licence.
         All competitors who have taken out this social / club licence in 2013 will have to take out a full club licence in 2014.
         All competitors names and id no’s will be on the licensing system for 2013 and in 2014, no exceptions will be made.
         In 2014 this social / club licence will only be available to new competitors who have never held any form of licensing before.
         As of 2013 there will be No one day licence available for DRAGS / DRIFTING OR SPINNING.

Bikes who run in Street Drag Racing and Club Championships only, are also eligible for this social licence. Bikes going quicker than 11 seconds will be required to have the minimum R450 medical cover option available through MSA.

These licence fees are only applicable to the facets that fall under the Drag Commission:




Entries from +-5pm, limited to the first 200 entries only. On track from +-6pm till +-10pm

So if you or anyone you know has ever wanted to put their streetcar onto the Killarney main straight this is the perfect opportunity.

Want to know more:

·         Entries (main gate caravan – times above) – show SA Drivers license and complete required paperwork / indemnity. R20 admin fee to participate on the track, this excludes your ticket to get into the facility.
·         Vehicle check (go around Turn 5 and turn right into back of scrutineering building) – all wheel bolts required, battery must be fastened down properly and everything must be in general good working order. Required safety gear include long pants & top, closed shoes and SABS approved type crash helmet.
·         NOTE: Always drive slowly on the access roads and circuit while not participating.
·         Vehicles that have run quicker than a 13 second run are not permitted at Street2Strip events for safety reasons.
The idea of the Street2Strip events is to provide the facility at a nominal fee to street racers who are racing in and around Cape Town. As there will be no formal competition and this is aimed purely at the Street racers, no competition license will be required however indemnities will have to be completed. The timing lights will be in place however there will be no results posted nor prizes awarded at the end of the evening.

This event is aimed specifically at the streetcar street racers with RSA driver’s licenses. So with that in mind there will be no motorcycles on the evening, no interruptions from the Club drag competitors, just a queue of streetcars wanting to take one another on down the strip. As we are planning to have many more of these types of events we are aware of noise pollution laws, we will not allow any vehicle even moderately too loud after 9pm. This includes some drifting practice at the oval side of the circuit when approved to run. So if you have an after-market exhaust, don’t worry unless it is very noisy. Straight through exhaust will have a problem so please do be aware of the situation.

(Please note that rain could cause the event to be delayed, cancelled or postponed. Unfortunately there are no refunds and right of admission is reserved. Times could also change as the organizers see fit to do so if required.)

Sunday 24th February from 11am till 3pm
Drivers briefing 15 minutes before the start of the event.
No loud or excessively noisy vehicles allowed at Killarney.
R300 per driver, 2013 WPMC members R200 (must produce membership book), R50 for passengers.
Helmets available for hire, R80 excl deposit. 0215571639
Go Pro cameras will also be available for hire (TBC)

Points to note for drivers: First timers must be present for the safety brief at the start of the event. 
Your entry can be rejected if you are not present at the briefing at the start of the event.
R300 per driver
R200 for WPMC members (membership book must be produced at entries / documentation)
R50 for passengers
Drivers will be separated into three groups:
Group 1: Easy group – No passing under brakes / single file in the corners.
Group 2: Experienced group – Out braking is allowed / No overtaking in the corners.
Group 3: Pro Group – This is for the very experienced driver and race vehicles at race pace.

No excessively loud vehicles allowed at all – road or race.
All vehicles will be subject to a safety check, everything must be in good working order. No cracks in the brake disks, battery to be securely fastened.
Drivers & passengers: Long sleeve tops, long pants, closed shoes and an SABS approved helmet are required for passengers and drivers. Helmets are available for hire on the day, R80 each excl deposit.

For more information Killarney events please call 021 557-1639 or email