Brilliant Bikers

Near perfect weather conditions welcomed all to the second round of the Wingfield Motors Power Series at the Killarney International Raceway. A nineteen race program saw the opening event starting at 09h00 in the morning, but an unexpected incident rate soon had the watch overtake the program and race lengths had to be adjusted to recover.

Also sad to bid five stalwarts of the sport a final farewell. 1994 WP Super Saloon Champion, Rodney Walker, will always be remembered for his antics in the ex-Robbi Smith BMW 333i fitted with a 350ci Chevrolet V8 engine.

Legendary Killarney caretaker, Burt Spring, was a popular figure anywhere around the circuit and always willing to assist everyone with anything whilst Ernest Booth was something of a motorcycling enigma. Clive Spolander made a name for himself behind the wheel of the larger than life Jaguar XJS 12 cylinder whilst the presence of Petro Köpke in the pitlane will most certainly be missed.

Makita Supercars

Sadly only four cars started heat one and though Ryan Kat, Andrew Moffitt and Glen Phillips did their best to create close racing it almost ended in tears before Andrew Moffitt eventually took overall honours from Ryan Kat (Kaltron) and Glen Phillips.

Encouraging to see Ryan Kat sport a really attractive new colour scheme and the return of Makita as sponsor on the windscreen of the cars. This series really deserves a full compliment of entries as it is a great feeder formula. They are not easy to drive on the limit and represents a great scholarship in car set-up.

Dick Bate and Nian du Toit Jnr willing to assist anyone interested with a number of fair priced cars available.

Bejo Trustees Fine Cars

Another series that suffers from irregular entries and given the fact that these cars are virtually all still registered on the road it allows for an extremely wide variety of potential entries from veteran to fairly modern.

Considered a gentleman series with nobody willing to revert to Group One antics to win this series will hopefully soon sport the variety that made it so attractive in the past. Certainly not a lack of enthusiasm with the likes of Johan Pretorius behind the scenes.

Somewhat misleading in it’s on track result as certain cars race on invitation and as such do not qualify for the series with respect to points whilst the championship itself is based on the Index of Performance result rather than the on track overall result.

Michael Reynolds proved to be the surprise on the day in his Zack Groenewald E36 Cup BMW 328i with Coenraad Matthee second invitation entry home in his neat Porsche 928.

Günther Appelgryn fell foul of a missed instruction pertaining to the rolling start for the Fine Car races but recovered to bring his green Appelgryn Trading BMW E36 325i home first on track with the VW Jetta MkI of Natasha Tischendorf second and the Speed Precision Racing Volkswagen Golf MkII of Jo-Ann Fourie third.

Heat one saw Michael Reynolds reel in the Yesterday’s Heroes Nissan Skyline 2.8 of Theo Claassen and in heat two he did likewise with the Günther Appelgryn BMW E36 325i.

Index of Performance results saw Michael Reynolds first overall on debut in his Zack Groenewald BMW E36 with 96.47% and Jo-Ann Fourie second overall on 96.21% in her Volkswagen Golf MkII with Natasha Tischendorf third overall on 95.93% in her VW Jetta MkI. Encouraging to note that as far as official Bejo Trustees Fine Car entries were concerned it was two lady drivers in first and second place.

Onse Huisie 100

The Spitfire Furniture Sports & GT Cars enjoyed something of a dramatic outing in their annual 31 lap Onse Huisie Restaurant 100 mini endurance race with two time consuming Safety Car incidents eventually having the event cut short on 29 laps.

Though the entry list did indicate a rather predictable result with Francis Carruthers dominating in the Harp Motorsport / Ravenol Oil Pilbeam PM 84. His main opposition was Steve Humble in his giant killing Harp Motorsport Opel Mallock Mk14B and after having shadowed the more powerful sports car the Mallock started to smoke from the rear before spiralling into the Quarry (Turn 2) scenery on lap 24 when the left rear wheel parted company with the car to trigger an earlier than expected chequered flag.

Earlier Maarten Prins reached Interceptor (Turn 3 / Damps Dip) on lap 7 only to find the brake pedal hit the floor in his Mobil 1 Porsche GT3 Cup and the resultant assault on the outer perimeter wall saw the Safety Car make it’s first appearance. Fortunately with the Killarney Stig and Father Christmas in charge the little Kia Picanto stayed ahead of the field with consummate ease.

The Martin Pugh Appleberry Farms Shelby-Nissan Can Am picked up a frustrating misfire which saw the car retired after just 5 laps whilst the Emile Botha Investment Consulting Nissan 350Z of Emile Botha quite literally set fire to itself coming out of Hoals Hoek (Turn 1) on lap 14.

Gary Kieswetter and the sweetest sounding car on track, his APT Porsche GT3 Cup, finishing second overall without having missed a beat with Jaco Lambert third overall in the neat looking, but misfiring, Eloff Transformers Nardini-VW. The ever consistent Louis de Jager fourth overall in his Lola-Toyota T212 replica with Eric Salomon fifth in his ELF S06 (Lotus 23 replica).

Hennie Trollip sixth in his Lotus 7 replica followed by Ray Farnham in his Birkin 7. Divan Luzmore tried his hand at rallying coming out of Fastron (Turn 5) in his Nissan 350Z but survived to finish eighth with Hennie Bosman ninth in his rather intimidating rotary powered Lotus 7 replica. The top ten completed by Yanni Hatzi in his Nissan 200SX Turbo.

V8 Masters

Both the Makita Supercars and V8 Masters were penned by Owen Ashley who certainly understood what makes a great racing car challenging to drivers and both series have a reputation that bites when exceeding any of those parameters. Saturday was no exception as the delays experienced during the Onse Huisie 100 was still being analysed when absolute chaos broke loos in the kink between Turns 2 and 3.

Whenever the names of Fabio Tafani (Club Refrigeration) and Marcel Angel (Autohaus Angel) feature on the V8 Masters entry list the opposition simply have to bring their A+ game if they have any intention of taking on these former world champion karting aces. Running with them is something of an achievement, beating them is next level!

Trying to beat them forces everyone to balance all limitations on a very thin line that snaps without warning and this time it was Sean Moore (Ziegler) that dared – and lost! Given the spectacular sequence of photographs captured by Abri de Bruin (Cloud9) it was no surprise that the opening heat of the V8 Masters had to be red flagged as the No 73 APV347is was now spread in component form. Fortunately the other aspect of the Owen Ashley designs are that they are pretty safe in these situations and Sean could walk away from this rather significant off.

Fabio Tafani claiming the shortened 6 lap first heat from Richard Schreuder (TRS Construction), also showing the scars of the Moore incident, and Carl Nel in third with Marcel Angel fourth and Menno Parsons fifth. The top six completed by Mike Brooks (Neezy Racing).

With all the drama at the front of the field one almost did not notice former South African motorcycling champion, Greg Dreyer, quietly making his debut in the second Autohaus Angel entry. For reasons unknown the No 14 remained in the pits for Heat two with Marcel Angel taking control of the No 46 entry. Fabio Tafani followed Marcel like a proverbial bad rash until suddenly slowing with smoke training behind his car, fortunately still able to nurse it past the flag for second spot.

Carl Nel claiming third from Rob Warrington (Lucky rewards) , Menno Parsons and Sean Moore (now in the No 29 Campos car). Overall Marcel Angel just managed to pip Fabio Tafani for first with Carl Nel third, Menno Parsons fourth, Ilan Kaplan fifth and Mike Brooks sixth.

Gold saw Angel from Tafani, Mike Brooks, Alister Brown (NAC Helicopters), Richard Schreuder and Rob Warrington but it the Silver category drivers impressed on the day with Carl Nel leading Menno Parsons, Ilan Kaplan, Mark Vogel and Sander le Bon home.

Alert Engine Parts GTi Challenge

Big field in each class had all the credentials for another incident filled race but though there were much pushing and shoving it was called racing most of the time and only Tate Bishop (Angri Racing Academy VW Jetta) found himself excluded from the first heat, presumably due to him sideswiping Eden Thompson (Mad Performance VW Polo 6R) into the scenery at Turn 5 when he outbraked himself.

Marco Busi (Automan VW Polo 6R) and Jurie Swart (Summit Racing VW Polo 6R) provided the class A entertainment by lapping almost as one to cross the line 0.566 seconds apart after six laps. Pity, as a full eight laps could have possibly seen a different result. Charl Visser (Charl Engineering VW Polo 6R) third and Kai van Zyl fourth (Unlimited Auto Angri VW Polo 6R).

Class B was equally entertaining with Kyle Wiltshire (VW Polo) pipping a recovering Eden Thompson by a scant 0.371 seconds with Ian Kapp ((Hydracor Hydraulics VW Polo) third, Grant Cloete fourth, Marc Thompson (Somerset Refrigeration VW Polo Classic) fifth and Brent van der Schyff (WKA VW polo Classic) sixth.

Dylan van Eeden had to work even harder to beat John-Henri Vaughan (Maps Racing VW Golf MkI) by 0.179 seconds in the class C war which at times looked as though the cars were glued to each other. Chase Heroldt (Pilot Hydraulics VW Golf MkI) third with Matthew Rowe (Veldt Reared VW Golf MkI) fourth, Ryan van Eeden fifth and Seth van der Abeele (Summit Racing VW Golf MkI) sixth.

Jurie Swart Jnr got the bit between his teeth in heat two to win class A comfortably from Marco Busi, Charl Visser and Nathan Victor (Summit Racing VW Polo 6R). Tate Bishop was now really Angri in his class B VW Jetta and beat Eden Thompson to victory by 0.205 seconds after eight laps with Ian Kapp third, Grant Cloete fourth, Marc Thompson fifth and Brent van der Schyff sixth.

Alfie van Zyl (NDT Racing VW Golf MkI) stayed on the track for heat two and romped home to a 2.666 second victory in class C with Schalk Geldenhuys second and Dylan van Eeden third. John-Henri Vaughan fourth, Seth van den Abeele fifth and Chase Heroldt sixth.

Overall the class A order was Jurie Swart Jnr from Marco Busi, Charl Visser and Nathan Victor and Kai van Zyl.

Class B going to Eden Thompson from Ian Kapp, Grant Cloete, Marc Thompson, Brent van der Schyff and Daniel Sandenbergh.

Class C had Dylan van Eeden victorious with John-Henri Vaughan second, Chase Heroldt third, Seth van den Abeele fourth, Alfie van Zyl fifth and Matthew Rowe sixth.

Bridgestone STC 650 and SSP 300 Motorcycles

0.792 seconds separated the top five Supercup Twins 650 motorcycles on the starting grid for the opening heat with just 0.016 between Jason Linekar and David Lindemann in the first two positions. David happy to be on the line after having been spat off during Friday practice.

Heat one would undoubtedly prove to be the race of the day with the top four literally covered by a small blanket throughout the eight extremely entertaining laps. Slade van Niekerk (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ER650) would post the fastest lap of 1min21.050 on lap 5 but would cross the line 0.013 seconds behind David Lindemann (GM Painting Contractors Suzuki SV650). Jason Linekar (RST Kawasaki Ninja 650) third and Tristin Pienaar (KTM Paarl Kawasaki 650) fourth, with absolutely nothing between the four riders. André Calvert fifth and Gerrit Visser sixth.

Nicholas Hutchings (HSC Racing KTM RC 390) made the SSP 300 class his own to win by 15.961 seconds from Willy van Niekerk (Midlife Crisis Racing Yamaha R3) and Mitch Robinson (Mag Workshop Kawasaki Ninja 389). Jaryd Butler (Project Sixty60 Honda CBR 500) fourth with Adrian Solomon (Pool King Kawasaki Ninja 300) fifth and Peter Hill (Hillbilly Racing KTM RC 390) sixth. Adrian Solomon, Lance Jonas and Gerrit Visser spoiling their own results with a 30 second penalty, presumably for jump starts?

Heat two ran a full nine laps and it was Tristin Pienaar who really bolted to the front and stayed there for a 1.561 second victory over David Lindemann (who was still swallowing his heart after a big moment coming out of Turn 5). Slade van Niekerk claimed third from Jason Linekar, Gerrit Visser and Lance Jonas.

Nicholas Hutchings won the SSP 300 category by a mere 5.358 seconds with Willy van Niekerk second, Adrian Solomon third, Jaryd Butler fourth, Braddon Hutchings fifth and Mitch Robinson sixth.

Overall it was Tristin Pienaar (KTM Paarl Kawasaki 650) that took top honours in the STC 650 category from David Lindemann (GM Painting Contractors Suzuki SV650) and Slade van Niekerk (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ER650) with Jason Linekar (RST Kawasaki Ninja 650) fourth, Gerrit Visser fifth and Lance Jonas sixth. SSP 300 saw Nicholas Hutchings win from Willy van Niekerk, Jaryd Butler, Braddon Hutchings, Adrian Solomon and Mitch Robinson.

South Superbikes – Challenge - Masters – 600cc Motorcycles

Malcolm Rapson (M) parked his Racebase Kawasaki ZX10R on pole, 0.058 sec faster than Trevor “Killer” Westman. Probably the second best race of the day was the tussle from lights to flag between Rapson (M) and Westman as only 0.032 would separate Westman from Rapson after nine laps with Alex van den Berg (Team GFP Suzuki GSXR1000) third, J-P Friederich (GR Tax Yamaha R1) fourth, Mark van den Berg (M) (Team GFP Suzuki GSXR1000) fifth and Jacques Ackermann (M) (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ZX10R) sixth in the Superbike category.

In the Challenge category Michael du Toit (M) (DM Racing Yamaha R1) and Lubabalo Ntisana (M) (LB Auto Kawasaki ZX10R) enjoyed their own tussle to cross the line 0.492 seconds apart with Deon Ebel (M) (Honda CBR 1000) third. Shaun Mackrill (M) (GFP Lighting Kawasaki ZX10R) fourth with Wayne Arendse (M) fifth and André Kruger sixth (M) (Motorwise Kawasaki ZX10R.

As the sole 600cc Mike Hunter (LLG Properties Kawasaki ZX6R) finished 11th overall.

Heat two ran its full compliment of ten laps and once again it was Rapson (M) and Westman (M) giving each other a proper workout to pass the flag 0.038 seconds apart. Alex van den Berg and J-P Friederich third and fourth respectively with Mark van den Berg (M) and Jacques Ackermann (M) rounding out the top six Superbikes

Michael du Toit (M) took the Challenge from Lubabalo Ntisana (M), Deon Ebel (M), Shaun Mackrill (M), Wayne Arendse (M) and André Kruger (M). Mike Hunter 11th again with the sole 600cc.

After 19 super competitive laps jus 0.006 seconds separated Malcolm Rapson (M) from Trevor Westman with Alex van den Berg third,J-P Friederich fourth, Mark van den Berg (M) fifth and Jacques Ackerman (M) sixth.

Michael du Toit (M) beat Lubabalo Ntisana (M) by a slightly bigger margin in the challenge category with Deon Ebel (M) third, Shaun Mackrill fourth, Wayne Arendse fifth and André Kruger (M) sixth. Mike Hunter the 600cc winner

Strato Tech Clubman, Classic & Breakfast Run Motorcycles

Breakfast runners Brad Bodsworth (Honda CBR 1000) and Matthew van Niekerk (Kawasaki ZX10R) pulled onto the start line with just 0.072 separating the two almost unknown quantities for pole position.

Jamie Hall was back on his Castrol Honda CBR600RR and obviously enjoying his comeback as he would cross the line 1.290 seconds ahead of a surprisingly quick Breakfast Runner, Matthew van Niekerk, aboard a Kawasaki ZX10R. with Brandon Bramdaw (Quickpost Yamaha YZF R1) third and Donovan Stevens (Suzuki 1000) fourth. Pole man Brad Bodsworth dropped to fifth spot with Nick Benn (Suzki GSXR1000) sixth.

Nicho Venter (Yamha R1) and Derek Hendricks (Bikers Delight Yamaha R6) completed the top six in Clubman with Jan Fourie (Motoflex Suzuki GSXR 1000), Keagan Stuart-de Lange (A11 Plum Plumbing& Imperium Honda CBR 1000), Daniel Frost (CHW Design Honda CBR 1000) and Ruan Smit (Motoflex Suzuki GSXR 750) completing the Breakfast Run top six. Three Classic BMW’s started the event and it was Mario Ferreira (Promar Projects BMW R1100S), Hano Ferreira (BMW R1100S) and William Morries (BMW R1100S) past the flag.

Going the full nine laps in the second heat it was Breakfast Runner Matthew van Niekerk who simply ran away with a 3.616 lead at the flag with Jamie Hall second and Jan Fourie coming through to third. Donovan Stevens fourth with Nicho Venter and Nick Benn completing the top six past the flag.

Keagan Stuart-de Lange took a monumental tumble in Interceptor (Turn 3) on lap 7 but was not injured. Matthew van Niekerk leading the Breakfast Run home from Jan Fourie, Wesley Hendricks, Daniel Frost, Ruan Smit and the unfortunate Keagen Stuart-de Lange credited with sixth.

Jamie Hall won the Clubman category with Donovan Stevens second, Nicho Venter third, Nick Benn fourth, Derek Hendricks fifth and Wayne Gresse sixth with the Classic result a repeat of heat one.

Matthew van Niekerk quite possibly the first Breakfast Run entry to take overall victory on debut aboard his well ridden Kawasaki ZX10R with Jamie Hall second, Donovan Stevens third, Jan Fourie fourth, Nicho Venter fifth and Nick Benn Sixth.

Overall the Breakfast Run order was Matthew van Niekerk from Jan Fourie, Daniel Frost, Ruan Smit, Keagen Stuart-de Lange and Brad Bodsworth.

The Clubman order had Jamie Hall winning from Donovan Stevens, Nicho Venter, Nick Benn, Derek Hendricks and Wayne Gresse.

Mario Ferreira winning the Classic category from Hano Ferreira and William Morries. William not unfamiliar to motorsport having raced cars at Killarney as well as doing a number of WBMK Gymkhana events.

Formula Libre

Byron Mitchell sat on pole with 1min10.418 in his Dolphin Engineering Formula VW Reynard chassis with Storm Lanfear (Investchem/RDSA Formula VW Reynard) second fastest on debut in a similar machine.

Heat one over nine laps saw Byron Mitchell in dominant form followed by the similar cars of Storm Lanfear, Dee-Jay Booysen and James Beaumont (iSquared Technologies VW Reynard). Haydn Ellwood (Formula Ford Swift SF92) and Kelly Fletcher completing the top six.

Formula V won by Kelly Fletcher (Dolphin Engineering Formula Forza 1.4i) who was 0.478 ahead of Elroy Vice (Dolphin Engineering Formula Forza 1.4i) at the flag with Ryno Pentz (Dico 4x4 Accessories VW Omega 1.4i) third, Donovan Ramsay (Kerston Foods Formula Vee Sting 1.4i) fourth, Nick van der Westhuizen (NW Logistics Formula Vee Lantis 1.4i) fifth and Luan van Heerden (Formula Vee Omega 1.4i) sixth.

Heat two saw Byron Mitchell really disappear into the horizon, winning by 23.473 seconds from Dee-Jay Booysen, Storm Lanfear and James Beaumont. Haydn Ellwood fifth and Ryno Pentz sixth.

Kelly Fletcher and Elroy Vice tripped each other on lap three and it was Ryno Pentz who won the Formula Vee category from Donovan Ramsay, Luan van Heerden, Kelly Fletcher, Wynand de Ritter and Nick van der Westhuizen.

Overall it was Byron Mitchell from Dee-Jay Booysen, Storm Lanfear and James Beaumont. Haydn Elwood fifth and Ryno Pentz sixth.

In the Formula Vee category it was Ryno Pentz from Donovan Ramsay, Kelly Fletcher, Luan van Heerden, Wynand de Ritter (Formula Vee Lantis 1.4i)  and Nick van der Westhuizen.

Laude Classic Cars

You do not have to be a veteran in years to appreciate the varied, interesting field of cars entered in the Laude Classic Car category and one in particular made quite an emotional return to the grid.

The dice between the Mazda R100 of Dave Köpke, the Datsun 240Z of Charles Arton and the Donadio Plant Hire Ford Escort MkI of Franco Donadio will long be remembered as simply brilliant. Three veteran drivers, skilled in different categories of motorsport, driving three very different rear wheel drive cars, gave a disciplined demonstration of what good clean racing can produce.

It was almost disappointing that there should be a result but Dave Köpke certainly proved to be an extremely popular comeback winner when he crossed the line 1.018 seconds clear of the impressive Datsun 240Z of Charles Arton. Franco Donadio was at his very best but simply enjoyed driving the Ford Escort MkI to it’s absolute limit and beyond with brilliant powerslides through Fastron (Turn 5) quite possibly resulting in the rear tyres losing traction towards the end of the race. Fortunately the many years at Goodwood served him well and he proved to be as quick next to the track as he was on it! Such a pity the race was only over seven laps! Eric van der Merwe sported a new Lynx Motorsport colour scheme on his Porsche 944T and remained in touch with the top trio enroute to fourth spot.

Having and to listen to all the comments from the Ford drivers it was Erik Mouton who laughed last when he brought the Battleship Gallactica alias Mouton’s Motors Chevrolet De Ville V8 home in fifth spot without spinning once! The photograph by Colin Brown of the De Ville three wheeling through Hoals Hoek (Turn 1) must have Erik brimming with sheer pleasure. Dave Alhadeff in sixth spot with the neat BMW 325iS.

Ferdi Mouton saved some Ford prided by finishing first in class B with his Cross Cape Forklift Services Ford Mustang V8 with Bruce Avern-Taplin second in his Toyota Corolla Sprinter.

Trevor Hutchings and the neat HSC Racing VW Scirocco claimed class C from Hammy Goode in the thundering Mercedes W123 rally car replica and Martin Bensch in his Compact Robotics “Lucky Strike” Ford Capri. Jared Thompson fourth in his extremely neat CJ Supplies Ford Cortina 3.0 S with Deon Conradie fifth in the Serge Damseaux replica Garage 86 Toyota Conquest RSi. Clifford Bacon sixth in the big Cliffplump BMW 535i.

Ernst Viljoen Jnr claimed class D in his neat Alfa Romeo Bertone Sprint with Jacques Blom second in the Texaco Ford Sierra Cosworth Turbo replica. Anton Rollino improved on his best ever time with the Rob Tissington Morris 1275 to win class E from Niel Mouton in his Rhino Linings Alfa Romeo Guilia 2.0. Melt Carstens owning class F in his Ford Cortina MkII.

Heat two ran over the full eight laps but the expected fight at the top of the field faltered when Franco Donadio got a little ambitious and Dave Köpke took to the outfield in order to avoid contact between the Ford Escort and the R100 (both extremely difficult to replace). Charles Arton said thank you and led the Ford Escort home with Dave Köpke in third. With Eric van der Merwe fourth, Erik Mouton fifth (without incident) and Dave Alhadeff sixth.

Ferdi Mouton claimed class B from Bruce Avern-Taplin but in class C Jared Thomson surprised by taking the win in his Ford Cortina 3.0S with Trevor Hutchings 0.832 seconds behind in his VW Scirocco. Martin Bensch third in the Capri with Clifford Bacon fourth, Vance Kearney (Lambert Racing VW Jetta MkI) fifth and Deven Pillay (Low E Co Porsche 944T) sixth.

Ernst Viljoen Jnr cruised to the class D victory after Jacques Blom applied the Texaco Sierra to rallying in Fastron (Turn 5). He stopped it, just before hitting the tyre wall! Anton Rollino was visibly down on power but still won class E from Niel Mouton with Melt Carstens taking class F.

Overall it was Charles Arton winning in the Datsun 240Z with Franco Donadio second in the Ford Escort MkI and Dave Köpke third in the Mazda R100. Eric van der Merwe a fine fourth in the Lynx Porsche 944T with Erik Mouton silencing the Ford brigade with fifth spot in the Chevrolet De Ville V8 (and he still had the Langebaan Mall on the back seat). Dave Alhadeff sixth in the ever consistent and neat BMW 325iS.

Class B Ferdi Mouton from Bruce Avern-Taplin

Class C Trevor Hutchings, Jared Thomson, Martin Bensch, Clifford Bacon, Vance Kearney, Deon Conradie.

Class D Ernst Viljoen, Jacques Blom

Class E Anton Rollin, Niel Mouton

Class F Melt Carstens

Thermo Fires Clubman Saloons

Shane du Toit maintained his undefeated status in the 112A Skilpadvlei Winery VW Golf MkI FSi 2.0 by taking pole position and two wins. Quite impressive for a “Skilpad”.

Joshua Dolinschek drove his Industrial Abrasives 217X BMW well but had to concede defeat by 0.395 seconds after eight laps of heat one with the legendary Jess Huggett third in the Philwest 70A VW Jetta 2.0 and Steven Heydenrych fourth in his turbocharged 10C VW Jetta 2.0.

Heat two also ran eight laps to make this probably the only category to go full distance for the day with the top three in exactly the same order.

Class A saw Shane du Toit winning from Jess Huggett and Imaad Modack. Quite impressive to see the debut of two Holden Commodore replica V8 entries.

Class X had Joshua Dolinschek win from Barry Williams (Tri Brake BMW E90), André Diedericks (Green Pristine Gas VW Golf), Mark Fontini (FAT Racing VW Polo), Brendon Geldenhuys (GTech Office Solutions VW Golf MkI) and Charl Minnie (CM Projects VW Golf MkI).

Class B was Shane Smith (Truckport Logistics BMW E46 M3) from Paul Munnik (Audi VW Auto Clinic VW Golf MkI).

Class C Steven Heydenrych (FAT Racing VW Jetta MkIII) from Francois van Tonder (Morné & Stephen VW Polo 6), JP Share (BMW E36) and Gary Smith (Truckport Logistics BMW 530)

Class D Eugen Gasperi (BMW E46) won from Ciara van Niekerk (Wingfield Motors VW Golf MkI), Steven Gouws (Thermo Fires VW Jetta 3) and Anton Jacobs (All Scale Nissan Sentra).

Class E went to Ryan Large ((Akwasol VW Golf MkI) and Class F to Phillip Venter (Young Guns Plumbing VW Golf MkI).

Next Meeting

14 May 2022