Extreme Festival Round 12

Saturday, September 9, 2017
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton

Killarney has always prided itself as being the circuit that catered for the family. With that in mind, the organisers of next Saturday’s (9 September), round of the Extreme Festival are going all out to place emphasis on festive off-track activity for the whole family.
But of course, bearing in mind that what Killarney is dedicated to, is mainly about wheels, these appear often -- even in off-track social activity. So here we go:

For the littlest youngsters there are the bumper cars (that their parents -  and certainly their grandparents – may remember as like the old Dodgem cars -similar principle anyway).

Then we have the pedal go-karts that race (slowly) around a track laid out on the lawns outside the clubhouse. Originally hired, they quickly proved so popular when they were introduced, that the club recently acquired a fleet of its own!
Of course, for those who’d like something a little more daring, the real thing – engine powered ‘n all - is available for drives, at a modest charge, down on the karting track. 

There will be a display of cars and trucks and there’s the monster Titan truck - with wheels that are chest high and clad in tyres a metre wide!  Built from a Ford F250 bakkie and powered by a big V8 engine, it’s an awesome spectacle.  Although the monster will spend most of its time parked at the clubhouse, it is also due to join the fan-walk during the lunch break. However, the car crunching act is only due to take place during the Killarney Motor Show on Sunday, October 15!     

But, enough of the wheels now:  The Coke Gig Rig that is being set up behind the clubhouse will have four live bands performing during the day.

Then, if you fancy something more active, there’s the big airbag jump and the inflatable parachute rockets. There’s even going to be a live snake show, and that’s certainly got nothing to do with wheels!

Inside the clubhouse there’ll be wine tasting and Craft Beer will be offered for sale. Or you may like to test yourself in a wacky game of dart soccer.

But whatever you do, don’t get too wrapped up and forget the racing. 

Extreme Festival Killarney - PBV