Freightmore All Tar WP Rally 5 of 6

Friday, July 28, 2017 - Saturday, July 29, 2017
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton

The 2017 Freightmore All Tar Rally will consist of 9 Special Stages. Two will be run on Friday evening starting at 18h00 and seven on Saturday starting at 09h00. The final two stages will be the customary Super Special with the finish anticipated to be 16h00.

R70 entrance for spectators covers both days and with an anticipated 30-35 entries present it will be great entertainment as Clubmans cars will be going flatout to beat the rally cars on a surface that certainly favours the racers. There will be commentary on the track PA and hopefully Killarney Radio 108Fm will be active too, allowing you to spectate from your car and still listen in on the latest news.

There will be a jumping castle and karts for the kids as well as a special guest appearance by the comedian Gary Naidoo (and it is not Kes with a wig). Documentation and Scrutineering in the new pit complex on Thursday evening from 19h30 whilst the numbers function is set for Thursday 20 July at the CPMCC Rollbar.

Thank you to sponsors Freightmore, Wikideals, Socialite, Tikaways  Signs, Quickshade. Expect a few more chicanes as Lizelle and Marizca does not enjoy working in their respective offices wearing helmets. Word of advice - avoid the walls they inevitably prove to be harder than any car! 

Twenty one days to the annual All Tar Rally which includes the Race / Rally Challenge as Midas Clubmans, Access Auto Fine Cars and Mutlu Batteries Classic Car competitors accept the opportunity to measure their tarmac expertise against the all surfaces abilities of the rallyists. 

Dirk and Dirk Kruger always a serious threat for overall honours in their legendary Midas Clubmans Toyota Corolla and then Danie van Niekerk have staked a claim in his very well driven Wingfield Motors E36 BMW 328i. Or will Gavin Cerff finally reach the finish of an All Tar Rally with that rapid Spur VW Golf MkI intact! 

Two events in the same calender month is not recommended but if this is the only alternate date available it has to do. Round 5 of 6 in the 2017 Western Province Rally Championship brings a very unique challenge to the series. Tarmac very hard on cars and testing on crews as a momentary lapse in concentration could results in instant retirement at the Killarney International Raceway.


The entry list for the CCMCC / WPMC All Tar Rally reflect a twenty one car presence in the rally category and four for the racing car category, but this event normally has a number of late entries leading into the actual event and 28/29 July 2017 will undoubtedly result in another very entertaining and challenging 98km of special stages.

Keenan Sassman and Llewellyn van Greunen must be...

The Freightmore All Rally at the Killarney International Raceway lived up to it’s fearsome legacy of being a true test of man and machine when only 13 of the original 28 entries were classified as finishers of the 28-29 July 2017 event. This event demands good preparation, exceptional concentration and the smallest error normally results in dire consequences as the scenery at Killarney...

Back in 2006 Serge Damseaux requested a test venue for a youngster who wanted to try his hand at rallying in the ex- Dean Sanders Gp N2 Toyota Corolla RXi 1.6 and shortly afterwards I found it quite impressive to see Serge sitting in the suicide seat. Only one run before Serge explained his intentions in typical elaborate fashion by pointing his finger at me with a self explanatory “you...

If the true value of a sportman is determined by what he has contributed towards a particular sport then Andy Haigh-Smith deserves to be amongst the very best in rallying. Respect is earned, not commanded, and over more years than he cares to remember this 69 year old have set an example to all who have taken the time to notice.

Team 432 dominated the opening event at Klipdale from both...

Going back to 1972 John and Cecile Clift started rallying in Natal before moving to Paarl, joining the Wellington Motor Club in 1973. Contesting club rallies until 1975 and navigating for amongst others Addie Vervaart, Gawie Steyn and Ted Venter. Ted was deaf and they developed their own sign language, which apparently worked quite well! Does anyone else have any recollection of the Wellington...

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