Horses Rule at Killarney

Cold temperatures, wind and dust ensured unpredictable grip levels for all participating in the fifth round of the Western Province Regional Championship at the Killarney International Raceway. With continuous development of the circuit leading into the 12th and final round of the World Rally X Championship 10-12 November 2017 even the Killarney regulars feel like strangers eevrey time they attend another meeting, such is the WPMC dedication to getting the biggest motorsport event ever to come to Cape Town perfect!

With a regional Rally X Championship soon to be launched one cannot help but visualise a brilliant special stage or two developing within all these developments. As a matter of fact some of the racing competitors did their best to present a few interesting gravel alternatives for the benefit of the near freezing spectators present on 3 June 2017. Not that Heinrich Sauer, JC Brown or Danie van den Berg were complaining as the regular eagle eyed photographers.

Crossley & Web Sports & GT Cars
Marcel Angel had everyone sit up and take notice when he planted the colourful Autohaus Angel class A Ferrari 358 GT3 firmly on pole with a 1min10.98. That represents an average speed of 165.697 km/h around the 3.267km circuit and the worrying fact was that it looked pretty easy. Dawie Joubert failed to complete qualifying in his class A Honda Turbo powered Lotus Exige whilst Johan Engelbrecht found himself almost two seconds shy in the normally very impressive JogaJoga class A Porsche GT2R. Finally making his debut was Francis Carruthers in the impressive looking class A Aquila Corvette V8.

Marcel winning heat one from Dawie Joubert and Johan Engelbrecht with Cloin Plit fourth in the Tricera Investments Juno SS3 2.4L and the ever determined Gary Kieswetter fifth in his Advanced Packaging Technology class B Porsche GT3 RS. Matt Kreeve some way back in his NineXI Capital class B Porsche 911 GT3 with Nick Cunningham-Moorat seventh in the mighty Auto MC class B Nissan R35 GTR 3.8L. André Brink his shadow past the chequered flag in the SSB Transport class B Porsche 997 GT3 Cup. Francis Carruthers a cautious ninth in his Aquila Corvette V8 and the top ten completed by Maarten Prins in his class C Porsche GT3 Cup. Paul Schwartz first in class D and eleventh overall in his neat Ford GT40 5.7L V8.

Dawie Joubert drove a tactical heat two to beat Marcel Angel by 1.18sec with Johan Engelbrecht a distant third, followed by Colin Plit, Gary Kieswetter, André Brink, Maarten Prins and Nick Cunningham-Moorat. Overall it was Marcel Angel that claimed his first overall success in the Autohaus Angel Ferrari 358 GT3 with Dawie Joubert second in the Lotus-Honda Exige Turbo and Johan Engelbrecht third in his JogaJoga Porsche GT2R. Gary Kieswetter claimed class B in his Advanced Packaging Technology Porsche GT3 RS and in class C it was Maarten Prins that reigned supreme in his Porsche GT3 Cup.

Unfortunately damage to the Panacea Dodge Viper V10 have proven rather substantive and plans to run the Pablo Clark Ferrari F430 GT3 was aborted when the gearbox could not be replaced in time, leaving Marcel Angel the sole prancing horse driver on this occasion. Craig Jarvis is however planning to be back at the next round, and it could be an interesting entry.

V8 Masters and Makita Formula Supercars
Mark Ridgway had everyone going, “Who”, claiming pole position for the V8 Masters in the No 53 APV347is with Marcel Angel just 0.293sec slower in the No 14 Autohaus Angel entry. Ryan McCarthy, No 5 Hyper Lighting, just 0.078sec clear of Jarryd Evans, No 41 Cape Eye Laser, on the Makita Formula Supercars grid.

Running seperate opening heats it was Jarryd Evans that beat Ryan McCarthy by 0.396sec to the flag with Michael Nel (No 10) third, Glen Phillips (No 54) fourth, Andrew Moffitt (No 39) fifth and Richard Starkey, No 81 Rico Barlow Racing, sixth. Jarryd Evans winning Gold, Richard Starkey Silver and Stuart Spooner Bronze.

Heat two falling to a determined Andrew Moffitt from Glen Phillips, Jarryd Evans, Richard Starkey, Shane Smith and Ryan McCathy. Andrew Moffitt (39) taking Gold, Richard Starkey, No 81 Rico Barlow Racing, Silver and Gary Thomson, No 11 KTS Racing, Silver.

Mark Ridgway duly went on to win the opening V8 Masters race in his No 53 APV 347is with former 250 Superkart World Champion, Fabio Tafani, on his heels in the No 39 entry and in third spot it was Charles Arton in the No 8 entry. Charles unfortunate to have lost his ex-Eddie Cheever March Formula Atlantic and his regular V8 Masters car in the transporter fire after the Jaguar Simola Knysna Hillclimb.

Heat two saw Marcel Angel come back from mechanical problems to claim first overall from Mark Ridgway, Brian Evans, Charles Arton and Richard Schreuder. Seems like it is immaterial whether he has American Mustangs or Italian throroughbreds at his disposal, his horses continue to be extremely hard to beat and Marcel Angel really looks hungry for results in 2017. Richard Schreuder demonstrated the TRS Construction No 4 APV347is Rally X capabilities, but somehow that did not prove to be convincing.

Bold Marine GTi Challenge
Jurie Swart set the pace in qualifying with his No 39 Autohaus VW Polo Classic almost a second quicker that Shane du Toit in his No 97 Skilpadvlei Wine Farm VW Jetta 2.0. Jacques Geldenhuys claiming top spot in class B with his No4 Ferroli Motorsport VW Golf MkII 2.0 and in class C it was Marco Busi on top of the time sheet in his No 41 Automan VW Golf.

Heat one saw Jano van der Westhuizen storm into the lead in his Wingfield Motors VW Polo, beating Shane du Toit in his No 97 Skilpadvlei Wine Farm VW Jetta 2.0 and Jacques Geldenhuys impressed with third place in the No 4 Ferroli Motorsport VW Golf MkII 2.0. In class A the order was Jano van der Westhuizen from Shane du Toit and Jurie Swart. Jacques Geldenhuys won class B from Mario Roux and Wayne Field and class C saw Marco Busi beating his brother Dario Busi and Christopher Swart.

Jano van der Westhuizen repeated his heat one succes with Jurie Swart recovering to second and Shane du Toit content with third overall. Class A order Jano van der Westhuizen, Jurie Swart and Shane du Toit. In class B Eden Thompson beat Mario Roux and Jacques Geldenhuys whilst class C saw Bryan Morgan ahead of Marco Busi and Jarred Simpson.

Overall Jano van der Westhuizen claimed success for Wingfield Motors in his VW Polo with Shane du Toit second in his Skilpadvlei Wine farm VW Jetta 2.0 and Mario Roux completing the podium in his VW Jetta. Wayne Field proving the entertainment by flipping his VW Golf on the outside of Cape Town Corner.

Formula Libre
Much as expected it was Garth de Villiers on pole with 1min14.481 in his Durrant Motorsport VW Reynard FVW but Dee-Jay Booysen showed a good turn of speed in his home grown Dico Easy Skips Racing Formula RM08.

Garth de Villiers strolled to the chequered flag as his main opposition, Dee-Jay Booysen and Mike Verrier, faltered. Richard Carr second in his Rhema FVee with Byron Mitchell third in his Dolphin Engineering Sting FVee. Race two saw Garth de Villiers cross the line with Dee-Jay Booysen and Mike Verrier following.

The overall order had Garth de Villiers first in his Durrant Motorsport Reynard FVW with Byron Mitchell second in his Dolphin Engineering Sting FVee and Richard Carr claiming third in his Rhema FVee. 

Kent Home Fine Cars and Access Auto Classic Cars
Franco Donadio claimed pole in the rapid ex-Neil Hawkins Harkers Automotive Donadio Plant Hire Ford Escort MkI 2.3L in the Access Auto Classic Car catgeory whilst Clifford Bacon celebrated his return to the Kent Home Fine Cars with pole in the Clifplump Nissan Skyline GTX 2.8.

Heat one was building into one of the highlights of the day when the legendary Guesthouse Mazda R100 Rotary of Dave Köpke stopped in turn one with a broken accelerator pump, leaving the monster 6.0L Ford Capri of Anthony Corin to win from the rapid Escort of Franco Donadio, Eric van der Merwe in his Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944 Turbo, Louis Powell in the replica Meissner Ford Escort and Eric Mouton in his brute Chevrolet Constantia V8. The Ford Escort entries of Jonathan Gunn and Wayne Lötter in hot pursuit.

Anthony Corin winning class X, Franco Donadio Class B, Geoff Bihl and his neat Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944 won class C and Dion Valentine victorious in class D with the rapid Mini Works Leyland Mini 1360cc.

Heat two saw Dave Köpke claim the chequered flag in The Guesthouse Mazda R100 Rotary from Franco Donadio in the Harkers Ford Escort 2.3L and Eric van der Merwe in his Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944T. Louis Powell (2.0L), Wayne Lötter (2.0L) and Jonathan Gunn (1.6L) following in a trio of Ford Escort variants. Dave Köpke claimed class S, Franco Donadio class A, Wayne Lötter class B, Lourens Bester class C and Dion Valentine class D. Steve Truter taking top honours in clas X when the Anthony Corin Capri fell foul of a serious oil leak.

Franco Donadio winning the Access Auto Classic category overall in his neat Harkers Automotive Ford Escort 2.3L with Eric van der Merwe second in the Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944T and Louis Powell third in his Meissner replica Ford Escort. The Escorts of Jonathan Gunn and Wayne Lötter fourth and fifth with Trevor Hutchings sixth in the neat Hutchings Service Centre VW Scirocco. 

The Kent Homes Fine Cars result is determined by Index of Performance but on track it was the Serge Damseaux Gp N replica Toyota Conquest RSi 1.6 of Deon Conradie that led the Arnold Lambert VW Jetta MkI home with the MX5 entries of Robert Toscano and Sudhir Matai disputing third place. The top three repeating their result in Heat two whilst Clifford Bacon beat Sudhir Matai to fourth.

Midas Clubmans Saloons
Danie van Niekerk claimed pole in his Wingfield Motors E36 BMW 325i with Jess Huggett once again proving exceptionally quick in his normally aspirated Weskaap Bakwerke VW Jetta 2.0.

Danie van Niekerk beating Jean-Michel Masue by a scant 0.054sec after eight entertaining laps and the blown BMW’s were shadowed past the chequered flag by the VW Jetta of Jess Huggett. WPMC Chairman, Gavin Cerff, taking fourth in his Spur VW Jetta 4x4 with Eugene Kruger fifth in his Industrial Garden Contractor VW Golf MkI and Anthony Carstens sixth in his Maxicool Executive Motorsport VW Golf MkI.

Class A going to Danie van Niekerk, class B to Gavin Cerff, class C to Anthony Carstens, class D to George Neethling (M Saich/Lategan VW Golf MkI), class E to Ley Fielding (VW Golf 2.0), class F to Charlton Taylor (Dynamic Race Fuels VW Polo 2.0) and class X to JP Share (BMW E36 325i).

Heat two saw the two BMW entries cross the line with only 0.009sec separating Danie van Niekerk from Jean-Michel Masue and third place going to the ever consistent Jess Huggett in the VW Jetta. Michael le Sueur fourth in his New Engineering VW Golf MkI with Riaan Swart fifth in his VW Jetta MkII and Gavin Cerff sixth in the Spur VW Jetta 4x4.

Danie van Niekerk won class A, Michael le Sueur class B, Anthony Carstens class C, Devin Camons class D, Ley Fielding class E, Charlton Taylor class F and JP Share class X.

Danie van Niekerk claiming overall victory by a scant 0.063sec after sixteen laps of fighting off the attention of Jean-Michel Masue with Jess Huggett third, Gavin Cerff fourth, Eugene Kruger fifth and Anthony Carstens sixth.

Denver Benjamin shaving the paint off his No 13 Speed Precision VW Golf MkII 2.0 by practicing his Rally X skills. Certainly some precision required not to actually hit the rather intimidating retaining wall!

Mike Hopkins PSP Motorcycles
JP Freiderich claimed pole position (1min19.571) as well as heat one honours aboard his Suzuki SV650 with Paul Medell (Kawasaki ER650) just pipping Chris Williams (Trac Mac Belleville Kawasaki ER650) to second spot. Class A honours going to JP Freiderich with Sam Lochoff winning class B on his Samurai Racing KTM RC390.

Heat two also going to a determined JP Freiderich with Chris Williams beating Paul Medell to third. Gareth Dawson winning class B aboard his KTM RC390. Overall the top three went to JP Freiderich, Paul Medell and Chris Williams with Max Mandix (ASAP Kawasaki ER650) claiming fourth, Juan Liebenberg (Trac Mac Bellville Kawasaki ER650) fifth and Ezio Miglietta (Kawasaki ER50) sixth. Sam Lochoff unfortunately going agricultural on his KTM RC390.

Mike Hopkins Superbikes
David “McFlash” McFadden claimed the fastest pole position of the day when he turned in a 1min10.871 or 165.952km/h average aboard his BMW S1000RR with Ronald “The Red Baron” Slamet second quickest on his Slamet Racing/ Helderberg Yamaha R1.

Unfortunately heat one was black flagged when Malcolm Rapson invested in Turn 5 terra firma and required medical assistance. David McFadden winning the shortened six lap heat by just 0.112sec from Trevor Westman aboard the Mad Mac’s Kawasaki ZX10R with Ronald Slamet third aboard his R1. Alex van den Berg fourth on his Auto Watch PFK Honda CBR1000SP, Dale Field fifth aboard his Field Family Cupboards Kawsaki ZX10R and Quinton Ebden sixth aboard his Milu Logistics Yamaha R1.

Jared Schultz (ASAP World/ Cape Insurance Replacements Kawasaki ZX6R) claiming the 600 honours with Shawn Payne (Superbike Solutions Kawasaki ZX6R) second, Karl Schultz (ASAP World Kawasaki ZX6R) third, Gareth Gehlig (RPM Center Kawasaki ZX6R) fourth, Wesley Jones (Samurai Racing Yamaha R6) fifth and David Enticott (Motorwise/Sarum Engineering Triumph Daytona 675) sixth.

Heat two saw David Mcfadden lead Ronald Slamet and Trevor Westman past the flag ahead of Dale Field, Alex van den Berg and Klint Munton (Sunscan Kawasaki ZX10R). In the 600 category it was Jared Schultz ahead of Karl Schultz, David Enticott, Shawn Payne, Wesley Jones and Gareth Gehlig.

The overall positions saw David McFadden ahead of Ronals Slamet, Trevor Westman, Alex van den Berg, Dale Field, Klint Munton. The 600 positions had Jared Schultz ahead of Karl Schultz, Shawn Payne, David Enticott, Wesley Jones and Gareth Gehlig.

Another very entertaining round of the Wingfield Motors Western Province Regional Championship concluded with the promise of much needed rain on the horizon. Unfortunately Philadelphia based Ashley Haigh-Smith not enjoying a great outing on round 3 of the Peugeot 208 Cup in Valencia, Spain, when the No 61 208 R2 Vti 1.6 retired with a blown engine on SS4.