Huntigowk Day in the Swartland

The Black Land (Swartland) is known as such due to the colour of the endemic Elytropappus rhinocerotis in the winter time. It is neather winter nor wet but Huntigowk Day is a reality and come Saturday 1 April 2017 a few new “noddy’s” may be found in the Swartland Renosterbos!

Winning is, contrary to popular belief, not always defined as finishing first and in rallying winning could even relate to the final finisher of the event. Only those truly involved will ever understand what it took to achieve their respective result. The long hours required from a volunteer group of friends, assistance from family members and sponsors however small or big, it always results in firm friendships and a mystical bond that live forever between those who call themselves rallyists!

Currently sporting a 26 team entry the second round of the Western Province Special Stage Rally Championship look set for another morale building event that will even have 7de Laan sit-up and take note as competitors will be screaming past Rondomskrik, if they manage to negotiate Kalbaskraal, Bottelfontein and Vogelgezang. Unfortunately the latter being stopped at the Peperboom and will not include the enormous yumps.

Starting at Malmesbury Toyota 10h00 the rews will be completing six special stages over a distance of 80.76km and a total distance of 205.17km before finishing at the Malmesbury Rugby Clubhouse. The podium crews expected to run out for the local rugby team at 19h00.

Imperial Toyota Brackenfell, Metric Steel, KNH Freight, GR5, MSH Services, AA Powder Coaters and Just Engineering provide the much needed support enabling the organising committee of CPMCC to promote and run the event. Though rallying is indeed a very popular spectators sport, the conduct of the spectators also determine the future of the sport! Please adhere to traffic regulations at all times and very importantly, do not litter!

It all starts in a cold, poorly lit and under equipped garage and it finishes when two individuals bring their labour of love into Parc ferme at the end of the event. Klipdale kicked a team of volunteers into gear with late nights, every night since Monday 27 February 2017 and though they are listed as entry 26 the 415 S2 CCMCC VW Golf MkI 1.6 of Tariq Khatib is homing in on a good return. Isaacs Motors, Amien Burton and Johnny at A&E Body Solutions, GY Panlebeaters, Royal Car Paints Grassy Park, Zaahier Hoosain of A1 Car Wash, Emjedi Panelbeaters, Steven Hackner and Mujahied September of Fastoil / Liqui Moly and Fagerie Isaacs just some of the individuals who have toiled tirelessly to see this car back in action.

Team Amlay Motorsport have given up totally in naming all those involved as they are currently finding it tough to rememeber how many cars they will be running and what members of the family will be involved. A more dedicated crowd would be tough to find in any sport.

Clint and Lloyd Lingeveldt return in 435 S4, the ex-Serge Damseaux / Innes Murudker S4 1750 Toyota Conquest RSi. No pressure as the entire Murudker family will be present to see it back in action. And then chances are that Louis Snyman and Paw Paw Koegelenberg will probably be present somewhere too!  

World traveller, Piet Bakkes, have finally included Africa in his hectic continental holiday schedule and we are honoured to welcome him back in the Swartland. Navigator apparently still needs some convincing to fill the suicide seat and some debate need to be resolved as to which member of the acciDent Guru quattro team (there are 4 MkI VW Golf cars involved here) will become known as the VolksToy or ToyVolks MkI as it is believed that at least one of them will be fitted with the rear suspension from a Tazz! At least one is turning blue with jealousy!

Paul van Wyk and Divan de Goede return in 469 S4 WBMK with Piet “Vakansie” Bakkes in 419 S4 WBMK whilst Ian Long and Brian Hoskins return in 436 S2 WPMC. The navigator now well rested and ready to keep the terrorist in check. The fourth entry said to be ready for round 3 in Ceres on 13 May 2017.  Disappointingly Winston Neethling and Lyle Maris will still be in their ex- Hannes Grobler 428 S5 CCMCC Nissan Sentra 4x4 and not the the ex-Hannes Grobler S4 Nissan Skyline 2.8 recently acquired from Natal.

Shaun Jones and Craig Gray believe the championship winning CPMCC S5 Subaru Impreza STi WRX 2.0 Turbo 4x4 will be a more efficient weapon in the Swartland and they intend keeping the visiting Namibians honest in their S2000 cars. Richard Slamet (WMC) and Derek Jacobs (CCMCC) won the opening round on the super fast Overberg Grand Prix around Klipdale but will need to adapt to the very diffirent challenges of the Swartland in the I&S Freight Services S5 Toyota Run X 4x4 if they want to repeat the feat. Add the presence of former Namibian Rally Drivers Champion, Allan Martin (WBMC), and Carl Peskin (CPMCC) in the ex-Hergen Fekken J&P Hydraulics S5 VW Polo 4x4 and the podium seems uncertain. Allan and his son, Zachary, fresh from each winning their respective categories during the Namibian National Dirt Oval Championship in Otjivarongo.

Entered under the WBMC banner it is not to be confused with WBMK as after some debate it was decided that they would be known as the Walvis Bay Motor Club (Engels Fanie) whilst the Witzenberg Motorklub (Afrikaans natuurlik) is based in Ceres. Not confused yet? Oswaldo Mendes hails from Swakopmund but rallies for the WBMK with an MSA licence       
but has WMBC member, Tinus Malan, as navigator in the Sky-Way S5 Subaru Impreza STi 2.0 Turbo 4x4. 

The most recent member of the “Oom” class of regional rallying, Charl Strydom, will have Sakkie Bosman panicking from the start as the 406 S4 CPMCC Sabre Paints VW Polo 2.0 20v is expected to be at least 2sec/km faster with the signatures of Petter Solberg and Cyril Raymond adorned on the roof after having been part of the very impressive World Rally X launch at the Killarney International Raceway on 16 March 2017.

The 2003 World Rally and 2014-15 Rally X World Champion, Petter Solberg, very complimentary of the car – but he did not enjoy the gearbox. Armien Levy returns for another run in the Jive 455 S3 CCMCCC Toyota Corolla RXi 1600 with Jean-Pierre Jacobs promising to turn up the volume in the intercom system. “Oom” John and Derick Clift will also be back in their 418 S4 WBMK Toyota Hilux and no there is no truth in the rumour that they are secretly testing the Dakar “Buggy” for Giniel de Villiers.

Andy Haigh-Smith (CPMCC) and Tania Vermaak (WBMK) will enjoy a  refreshed AHS Racing 432 S3 Mitsubishi Lancer GT1600 and the Swartland is home territory to the Western Cape veteran driver who can proudly claim to still be very comeptitive at the ripe age of 69! Ashley Haigh-Smith (WPMC) will be far from home as he and Niall Burns will be enjoying the first round of the Peugeot 208 Cup in France.

Ettiene du Toit (WBMK) and Patrick Vermaak (WBMK) surprised everyone, including themselves on the Klipdale Rally. With the Limited Slip Differential now sorted and the Odometer and Intercom hopefully functional Ettiene thought he would make his navigator feel better by tearing ligaments in his left foot. The Supa Mac 467 S3 Toyota Corolla RXi 1.6 now enjoys support from Stunt Network, Pro Services, Kotra Signs, Voyabex, Wimpy and Noise Boys and though they expect to lack the grunt of the 4x4 Turbo and S2000 cars the S3 battle should be an event within the event. Keenan Sassman (CCMCC) and Llewellyn van Greunen (CCMCC) will flip a coin to see which of their two Howard Centre Motors 413 S3 Toyota Corolla RXi 1600 cars they will utilise for the Swartland but that they will be hard to beat cannot be doubted.   

Warren Scholtz (CPMCC) and Justin Gay (CPMCC) have also suddenly popped up as a real threat in S3 with their 444 VW Polo 2.0 and should once again be buidling on their recent good form.  Llewellyn Jones (CPMCC) and Michelle Taylor (CPMCC) have the pace required to surprise in their 434 S3 VW Polo but need some reliability to boot. Riyaan Amlay (CCMCC) and Rafick Mia (CCMCC) should be firing on all fingers in this event and they proved exceptionally quick in Klipdale with their 433 S3 Toyota Corolla RXi 1600 whist Shaheen Amlay (CCMCC) and Yusuf Ganief (CCMCC) also plan to be quick in their new 402 S3 Toyota Conquest.

Rupert van Zyl (WBMK) and Marius Rudolph (WBMK) rarely rally, but when they do the 405 S4 VW Golf MkII normally flies. Julian Calvert (CCMCC) and Terry Croy (CCMCC) as ever consistent in their 409 S3 VW Golf GTi whilst Trevor Hodges and Ian Thebus intent giving it horns in their 421 S4 VW Golf III. Warren (CCMCC) and Matt Köhler (CCMCC) should also attract much attention in their neat rear wheel drive 465 S4 Toyota Corolla 1.8.

Weather is looking good at 16ºC to 26ºC , cloudy with no rain and a south / south westerly breeze. Sunrise at 06h55 and Sunset at 18h44. The perfect day to be spectating in the Swartland.