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I have copied in full at the end of this email the press release which was sent out on behalf of the National Rally Commission announcing our tie-up with iRally, for anyone who may not have seen it first time round. Our first event of the year with iRally was an enormous success and certainly demonstrated the potential that this vehicle has to communicate with our fans and followers.

iRally is however a tool, available to all of us, to achieve our own objectives in rallying. Hence, this appeal to you to use this tool and some suggestions about how you may do so.

Firstly, iRally is all about information. That means making sure that the information is fed to the team at iRally. Tell them what is happening, before, during and after the event, and that goes for teams, event and series PRs too. Make sure that any press releases that are issued are sent to:

The same goes for any other information which can be sent in the form of a short email to the same address or in urgent cases -  car stopped on stage, etc. - a text message (sms) to the following number:  +44 7973 735 165

Or, if you prefer, to use a Twitter message please send a Twitter message on your timeline making sure that you mention @Official_iRally in your message so that it is picked up by the iRally team. (Remember that you cannot use a direct message unless you are being followed by that twitter address.) If you are on twitter, please follow @Official_iRally and retweet their tweets to your followers, particularly those which relate to the team that you are promoting but also generally.

Images also form a vital part of the information flow to iRally. They too can be sent to the email address above, or forwarded as Twitter attachments, directly from a smart phone or other device, or can be uploaded to the iRally dropbox where they will be picked up by the iRally team:

Quick pictures, snapped on a stage by crew who may have suffered misfortune, coupled with a short message, enable the iRally team to get info out quickly. Think about a quick pic on an iPhone from the Service Park of damage being repaired, or of the shredded remains of a punctured tyre. 

Videos on iRally attract enormous interest, and this interest is heightened when the videos are really current. If you have someone on your team, who is able to download from your onboard camera, particularly of an interesting incident, get the footage  - best format: MP4, Export to iPad - uploaded to the iRally dropbox at this link:

iRally also has the ability  to make use of Audio podcasts, a short audio clip of anywhere between 30 seconds to two minutes is another good way of getting attention. Team and sponsor PRs as well as individual competitors can take advantage of this opportunity by sending audio in the form of an MP3 or iPhone Voice Memo to the iRally team by emailing it to:

or – again – by uploading it to the iRally dropbox:

Obviously, in forwarding images, video or audio, you are consenting to their use without charge on iRally.

Please remember, it’s all about communication. The more information you communicate to iRally the more information you will be getting out there, to further your particular aims and objectives surrounding your involvement in the South African National Rally Championship.

Sending material to iRally, does not necessarily guarantee that it will be used, although every effort is made to use as many contributions as possible. What is however guaranteed is that if your info and materials do not get to iRally they can’t be used.

The National Rally Commission would also greatly appreciate your making your own teams and followers aware of the commission’s use of the iRally App. iRally is available for Apple and Android devices and a Blackberry option should be available later in the year. It can also be accessed through the Internet at . Information on how to download the App is available at

Please make sure that this email circulates as widely as possible with in those responsible for the promotion of your team, event or product so that we can gain the best possible return collectively from the investment in this platform.

Yours sincerely,

Richard Leeke

President:  MSA Rally Commission


SA Rallying now on iRally

The 2013 South African National Rally Championship (NRC) will feature on the acclaimed iRally App and website, bringing a new level of interaction right to the pocket of local enthusiasts.

iRally is the hugely-popular Rally App, which has revolutionized media coverage of the sport over the last three years.  Almost 600 000 people have downloaded iRally to their smartphones and mobile devices over the last three years.

Available for iPhone, iPad and Android, the App provides news, results, information, audio and video in a single free-to-download, free-and-easy to use App.  iRally is also available on the Internet at

All eight rounds of the 2013 championship will feature in the App, with live timing and reports enabling anyone, anywhere to find out what is happening.  Coverage starts with the Total Rally in KwaZulu Natal on March 8, but already there have been features and interviews with new young Volkswagen signing Henk Lategan, 2012 Champion Mark Cronje, and Toyota Motorsport chief Glyn Hall, as the new Yaris S2000 prepares for competition.

“This a massive development for our sport,” enthused Richard Leeke, Chairman of the National Rally Commission. “It launches us firmly into the 21st century in terms of immediacy and interaction, and will quite literally put rallying in the hands of thousands.”

Adds Greg Strange, editor of iRally: “We try to cover the World of Rally for the Rally World.  It’s a great sport and there are fantastic series all round the world.  This year amongst others we’re covering the WRC, the ERC, regional series like the Middle East and Asia Pacific, Rally America, the Belgian Rally Championship, Irish Tarmac, RAC Historic, and the Australian Rally Championship.

“I’ve always felt that the South African National Rally Championship deserves to reach a much wider audience, and we’re delighted to now be able to feature the South African championship on iRally.”

Find out how to download iRally at

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