Lions 9th Vredendal Gymkhana

Saturday, April 25, 2015
Vredendal, Matzikama

Unfortunately hosting the 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana at the start of a potential week holiday have resulted in many rather opting for the holiday rather than entering the event. Yes, the holiiday will undoubtedly attract many new visitors and potential spectators to the Matzikama but to the regular competitors it is a rare opportunity to spend quality time with their families. A genuine catch 22 situation which have resulted in just 30 + entries for Saturday 25 April 2015. However, thos that did enter still deserve your support and be assured of their best performances. 

The Vredendal Toyota 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana is set for Saturday 25 April 2015.

This the 105th Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana and round 3 of the 2015 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Championship.

Traditionally the best "away" event on the calender the Vredendal venue has it's own unique challenges and depending on temperaturs on the day it can change the entire nature of this event.

Get your entries in soon!


The 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana in the Matzikama will long be remembered as the day on which the AHI Racing Mini duo struck! Locking out the top two podium positions was unexpected, the order and absolute dominance in which they did a shock to the established regulars in the sport.

Facing a longer than normal Vredendal route in abnormally cool conditions had many of the teams quietly...

9th Lions Vredendal Action - PBV

20150425 Vredendal Toyota - 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana - Supplementary Regulations717.25 KB
20150425 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana - Entry Forms639 KB
20150425 9th Lions Gymkhana Vredendal - Provisional Entry List39 KB
20150425 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana - Route152.55 KB
20150426 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana - Final Results109 KB
20150425 9th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana Matzikama - Final Entry List44.5 KB