Matzikama Magic Returns

WBMK Gymkhana 99

Returning to the Matzikama district for the 8th Lions Vredendal Gymkhana will see the best Witzenberg Motorklub drivers and navigators presently competing in the sport go head to head for overall honours on Saturday 16 August 2014. Günther and Louise Appelgryn have missed two events in 2014 but will be making a concerted effort to defend their 2013 Vredendal victory in the always immaculately prepared Spiderman class B VW Golf MkI 1.8. The popular couple certainly have the ability to repeat the feat, but it will not come easy! Günther will also be entered in the single seater category with the same VW Golf.

Fanie du Toit and Kobus Wilson Jnr returned to the WBMK Championship after a year sabbatical and the 2012 WBMK Gymkhana Champions are currently leading the overall points log in their FM Civils class A mazda Rustler LDV 2.0 16v. As a matter of fact Henko de Klerk created the rapid LDV in Vredendal and “Vinnige” Fanie du Toit have since become one of the quickest drivers in any gymkhana event.

Kobus Wilson Jnr another driver quite capable of surprising anyone in his incredibly nimble class F Datsun GX Sedan 1.4i. Probably not a car that would be considered a serious racer, but looking back in South African motorsport history these little cars have produced more than one incredible result against all odds. Jean-Pierre Robberts will be his navigator before he will swop seats in his own Breedevalley Truck Centre class A Opel Kadett GSi 2.0. Another vehicle that have been developed over many years and Vredendal might just see it finally come into its own.

Multiple WBMK Champion driver, Izak van Zyl Jnr, will have his father-in-law, Dewald van der Merwe, navigating the Dynotech class G VW Golf GTi MkII 2.0 Turbo and he would be determined to regain the points lead after a few difficult outings. The more flowing nature of the Vredendal routes normally favoured by this very quick car. A vehicle that will also be utilised by Dewald van der Merwe and Izak van Zyl Snr as the Retirement Home A Team. Jolanda and Izak van Zyl will then also make their Vredendal debut as wife and husband in the same vehicle – a brave husband indeed!

The bonus is that Dynotech will also have a rather special V8 Lexus 4.0 powered Toyota Corolla RWD present for Izak van Zyl Jnr and Dewald van der Merwe to entertain the very vocal crowd. This vehicle is unlikely to ever travel in a straight line and as a qualified drifter Izak has the ability to make this look easy. Please leave it to the experienced drivers – do not attempt to drive like he does without proper training and in a safe environment! Compare his skills to the Retirement Home B Team, Izak van Zyl Snr and Dewald van der Merwe, when they share this mean little car during the day.

Just to prove that he is totally in control Izak van Zyl Jnr will also enter as a single seater entry in the same V8 Toyota. This more than likely the car that will have the crowd baying for more long after the event. Just to keep  and the men nervous Nashrené and Taahirah Schloss (cousins) will be making their competitive debut in class B with the class B Toyota Corolla Sprinter 180i Twin Cam. Then Louise Appelgryn will navigate the same vehicle in the all ladies category with Nashrené quite capable to finish on the top step of the podium. To date she is the only lady driver to have ever won a WBMK Gymkhana overall and she would dearly like to do so again.

Jan van der Vyver believes that dynamite comes in small packages and as a result he has the smallest navigator, Liezel Oosthuizen, directing his extremely rapid class D VW Golf Chico 1.4i. Just to keep himself sharp this car will also be seen in the single seater category. The ever consistent brother and sister combination of Morné Roux and Liezel Oosthuizen will be returning in their standard class C Mazda 323 160i and will also be entered as a non-scoring entity with Nic Oosthuizen navigating. Liezel Oosthuizen and Tania Vermaak will also be utilising the hard working Mazda as entry into the all ladies category.

Johann Zulch and Tania Vermaak will be the combination to beat in class E with the Ceres Toyota backed class E E30 BMW 325iM and stand to secure their fourth consecutive class title at Vredendal. The Gr12 De Kuilen High student set to complete her Matric with yet another class title as navigator. Tania also recently made her driving debut at the Dagbreek Gymkhana in Velddrif and the lessons learnt in Gymkhana events certainly assists by making her a safer driver on the roads, something that cannot be stressed enough as benefit when contesting WBMK Gymkhana events. It is not just about winning trophies – the real trophy is learning the skills that might save your life somewhere in the future!

Rafique and Natheer Firfirey have been the team to beat in class B to date and their AHI Construction VW Golf MkII GTi 1.8 will once again be the car to beat in Vredendal. Rafique and Aatera Firfirey also set to make their Matzikama debut as couple in the extremely rapid silver AHI Construction class G 2009 Mini Cooper S Turbo 1.6. Now fitted with a limited slip differential this combination could well prove to be the surprise of the weekend. Natheer and Rafique Firfirey then step into the supercharged AHI Construction class G 2002 Mini Cooper S 1.6 and this light blue version has the credentials to win overall. Masood Dangor and Aatera Firfirey then have the dark blue cabriolet supercharged AHI Construction class G 2007 Mini Cooper S 1.6 in which they will be making their debut. Three very distinctive and impressive vehicles.

Leon Engelbrecht and Natheer Firfirey will then also have a turn in the silver AHI Construction class G 2009 Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo and given the fact that they tied to 100th of a second on combined times with Rafique and Aatera on combined times at the recent Sir Garnet Wolseley Gymkhana they will be determined to take overall honours in the Matzikama. Dickie and Rafique Firfirey will represent the Retirement Home C Team in the dark blue cabriolet AHI Construction supercharged class G 2007 Mini Cooper S 1.6 but cannot let the roof down as the sun might be a little harsh. Then Aatera and Rafique Firfirey will take to the course as wife and husband for the first time in the AHI Construction class G 2009 Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo. No need to panic Rafique will be wearing the straight jacket voluntarily!

Once recovered Rafique and Hishaam Firfirey will then also have a go in the same AHI Construction class G 2009Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo, proving beyond any doubt that Gymkhana is the true family oriented category of motorsport where a single vehicle can be utilised by a various combinations. Natheer and Rafique Firfirey actually making a second entry in the light blue supercharged AHI Construction 2002 Mini Cooper S 1.6 as additional practice for the relatively inexperienced driver.

Given the fact that Jacques Jansen van Vuuren and Vredendal Toyota is once again the driving force behind the event the presence of the du Plessis brothers will be welcomed as they finished first and second respectively on the recent Sir Garnet Wolseley Gymkhana. Jacques du Plessis and Pierre du Plessis enjoy a healthy rivalry as brothers but once the Du Plessis Auto class C Toyota Conques RSi 1.6 starts it’s every driver for himself and they would dearly like to repeat their feat. Walter van Dyk and Pierre du plessis will also be in action with a very quick class G VW Golf Chico MkI 2.0 Turbo.

The presence of Gunter Drotschie in a rather rare 1972 Opel Commodore V8 LHD is confirmed. This team will comprise three generations of the Drotschie family with Abie a founder member of the Cape Helldrivers, Gunter an accomplished racing driver and owner of G&A Promotions whilst his son, Luke, recently made his debut in Karting.

The Matzikama has a number of very talented drivers in the region and it is anticipated that they will once again be present to give a good account of their ability. Johannes van der Westhuizen is something of a local legend and his antics on the dedicated Quad is something to behold. Jacques Jansen van Vuuren certainly has the ability to surprise the regulars – time will tell.
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As always Lions Vredendal will be hosting the prizegiving at their clubhouse from 18h30 and in no particular order we thank the following for their continued support of this annual Matzikama motorsport highlight. The Matzikama Municipality, Vredendal Toyota, Koelbly - Coca Cola, Maskam Hotel and EDK Besigheidsmasjiene.