Timing Display

I had a chat with some of the Gymkhana competitors about a system that we can get our times after each run.

Events like Fairbridge especially proved difficult to hear your times and a lot of us stopped at the finish and waited for our time, this cause some frustration as the marshals cannot start the next cars run.

My current thoughts are in the area of a electronic timing display board that receive the last timed run from the timing computer and display it until there are another time available.

I'm pretty sure there will be a lot of competitors that will be interested in something like this, even if it means contributing some "octane booster" money towards this. From my perspective, if we can get enough people interested we can start investigating this idea.

On rally events we have the start time of the stage and get the end time at the end of a stage and can quickly calculate this time, and here is the fun part, then we write it on a white board and show it the competitors. This is Stone Age technology and require humans that can do math.

Please indicate if you are interested, will contribute, can find a sponsor, have some knowledge, better idea!!!