Title 2 Mini

The Bredasdorp Motor Club and Witzenberg Motorklub not only staged the very first Overberg Gymkhana on the lime oval track on Saturday 2 December 2017, they followed it up with a second event on the same day!

The overcast weather of the morning turned into dry blustery conditions that had everyone sheltering in the shade of the few trees and buildings around the interesting circuit. The L&M Automotive Performance class G Mini Cooper S 1.6 Turbo  simply rubbed it’s dominance in with blisteringly quick times enroute to total dominance of the 2017 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Championship. Leon Engelbrecht and Aatera Firfirey not only claiming their fifth outright victory but also the championship. Rafique Firfirey won the other event but with Carel Bosch in the suicide seat at Bredasdorp they simply had to accept second overall as result.

Third overall possibly represented the performance of the day as Morné and Liezel Roux drove extremely well in their class A mazda 323 EGi 2.0 16v to beat a number of favoured teams to the podium. Anton Smit and Tania Vermaak equally impressive in the red Toyota 1600 powered class F Nissan LDV. Despite not being happy with the engine the little LDV showed good pace on course.
Francois Mostert and Marius Ellis really got the white class A Opel Astra 200 ISE 2.0 8v wound up and fifth overall was another impressive result whilst Pierre and Jacques du Plessis had to accept sixth overall in the spectacular Du Plessis Auto class B Toyota Conquest 1.8 16v. And yes they broke another CV, but more importantly they forgot to check the fuel level and ran out on a 1km route! Undoubtedly the recipients of the Boo Boo of the Day award.

Johann Zulch and Cobus Viola got back into their stride and the big Beemer looked alive again enroute to seventh overall with Jacques and Pierre du Plessis eighth in the thirsty Du Plessis Auto class B Toyota Conquest 1.8 16v. Natheer Firfirey and Leon Engelbrecht developed cone fever in the light blue Rob Green Motorsport class G Mini Cooper S 1.6 and the resultant penalties dropped them to ninth overall in the second leg.

Marius Ellis and Francois Mostert happy with tenth overall in their class D Volkswagen Golf MkI 1.4i whilst Hennie Odendaal and Giovanni Agostinelli also impressed with 11th spot in their Schenck Tech Diesel class C Volkswagen Golf MkI 1.6. Abdul Sayed and Leon Engelbrecht found the more familiar repeat route easier to negotiate and 12th overall was a good result for the class D Toyota Tazz 1.3.

Thirteenth overall still another mighty performance for Liezel Roux and Tania Vermaak in the class I Toyota Yaris 1.3 with same car also 14th overall as class D entry and with Aatera Firfirey navigating. André Smit and Natasha de Jager possibly trying a little too hard enroute to 15th spot in their class C Volkswagen Golf MkI 1.6 and having only completed one run on route B Ruan  and Chris de Hart had to accept 16th overall in the Alfa Romeo 147i.

Aatera Firfirey and Rafique Firfirey more confident second time around and the class G Opel Corsa 1.4i Turbo finishing 17th overall with Werner Venter and Chinelle Calitz restricted to 18th overall after some entertaining slides in the class F Mazda Miata MX5 1.6. Aatera Firfirey and Liezel Oosthuizen 19th in the class I opel Corsa 1.4i Turbo and in 20th it was Giovanni Agostinelli and Hennie Odendaal in the hard working Schenck Tech Diesel class C Volkswagen Golf MkI 1.6. Carel Bosch and Leon Engelbrecht another cautious 21st in the class G Opel Corsa 1.6i Turbo.

The lack of power steering in her standard class I Volkswagen Golf Citi Sport 1.4i proved telling for Tania Vermaak and Monique van der Merwe and they slipped to 22nd overall with Gary Shaw and James Ballentyne 23rd overall in the class G Nissan NP200 TDCi 1.5. The final classified finisher the always friendly John Clift and Tania Vermaak in the rally specification class E Toyota Hilux 2.0 LDV.

Ruan de Hart once again the only single seater entry in his Alfa Romeo 147i. The many multiple entries decreased as the route remained the same as with WBMK G127 and as expected the times did improve.

Once again the Jayen Timer proved faultless despite the strng and unpleasant wind in the late afternoon. André and Nelmarie Mitchell again reporting no glitches between timer and computer. Dewald and Meghan Nortjé in charge of the respective A and B route Start and Finish controls whilst André Brinkman and Carmen Nortjé did a sterling job as Judges of Fact. All glowing red after a long day in the sun and wind. Carmen Nortjé nominated as the Marshal of the Day.

Anette “Mama Bear” Vermaak in charge of Documentation and Race HQ in the Commentary Tower was now the place to be be as it possibly represented the only wind free environment. Pierre van der Westhuizen (Clerk of the Course), Robert Marle (MSA Steward and Environmental Officer).

Thank you to the Bredasdorp Motorklub (Sakkie Joubert), Fire Busters / A1 Gutters (Riaan and Jackie Swart) and Access Auto (Steve Bekker) for their support. Watch this space as the series will undoubtedly be returning to the Overberg.