Warm Winter Races

Winter in the Western Cape is not all rain, cold and windy. On the contrary this is the time of the year where good conditions sees the rain and air crispy clean, the temperatures nice and cool and the circuit surface fresh and clean with grip levels actually making it the perfect time of the year to chase lap records or at least those personal best lap times.

Friday 13 May 2022 saw the Pirelli V8 Masters living up to the above as Fabio Tafani posted a 1min15.231 to claim pole position from Sean Moore on 1min15.383. Marcel Angel will have them believe that it was simply because he was not present to lead the way but the added incentive of Pirelli as series sponsor set the scene for great on track action.

What does change is the days are shorter thus the normal 19 event program shrinks to 16 races for the day and some categories are allowed a breather by skipping a meeting during the season. Many incidents and spillages unfortunately still managed to influence the program and even F.A.R.T was spun in Fastron corner.

Thermo Fires Clubman Saloons 2x8 Laps

Shane du Toit wore the target on his back thanks to the giant killing act his 112A Skilpadvlei Winery VW Golf MkI FSi 2.0 have been displaying this year. Father Dries regularly performing miracles in the background to keep the “Skilpad” active, but Shane certainly have not made many mistakes on track.

Sadly many main players in the series found themselves running out of time preparing for this meeting and the steep Late Entry fee had many simply decide to save the extra money for the next meeting. A real catch 22 situation as finishing a car can be a tricky thing, but as organisers programs must be completed to present a realistic expectation to spectators and media. Writing about those who do not pitch steals exposure space from those who met the timeline.

Compliments to those who post their progress on social media platforms as it assists in building interest in your series and the sport in general. It may even be a great idea to post should you not be able to participate as your supporters would like to know why their favourite team might not be present when they have made the effort to get to the circuit in support. Even greater the disappointment of a missed opportunity to introduce themselves to their supporters (or potential supporters) during the popular fan walk.

Shane du Toit and Steven Heydenrich locked out the front row of the grid for Heat 1 with Shane Smith and Steven Gouws on the second row of a small (by regular Clubmans standards) 18 car entry. Shane du Toit led off the line but sound himself in serious trouble midway through the race, slowly dropping back to eventually cross the finish line in tenth spot overall with the 112A Skilpadvlei VW Golf MkI 2.0 FSi.

Raaziegh Harris finally combined pace with reliability to record an overall victory in his very rapid CTR 66X VW Golf MkI, recording a mighty 1min22.346 lap for good measure. Shane Smith drove a determined race in his Truckport Logistics 30B BMW E46 M3 to initially fend off Steven Heydenrych, but then Heydenrych lost fifth gear on his Keith’s Auto Racing 10B VW Jetta and dropped out after five entertaining laps. The BMW finishing second with Willem Swart in the Top Carpets and Floors 222B VW Jetta third. Gary Smith (father of Shane) drove a steady race to place his Truckport Logistics 68C BMW fourth with JP Share fifth in his 102C BMW and Francois van Tonder sixth in the unsponsored 44C VW Polo 6.

Juan Verwey claimed class D honours in his DSV Racing 32D VW Golf MkI with Ryan Large winning class E in his Akwasol 55E VW Golf MkI and Michael Flynn taking class F in his 97F VW Golf MkI.

Arriving at Turn 5 on the final lap Michael Flynn was caught by the spillage resulting from a comprehensive blow-up on the Eugen Gasperi 95 BMW which was stuck on the top lip of the banked corner. Hitting the mixture of oil and coolant the unfortunate Flynn became a passenger rotaring past the stricken Beemer. Following closely Phillip Venter 108F also lost control but somehow there was no contact and the two Golf drivers could reach the finish line.

Heat two saw Shane du Toit back on form and with Raaziegh Harris breathing down his neck the two VW Golf MkI drivers proved to be the class of the field. This time Shane du Toit proved the quickest with a time of 1min21.206. Steven Heydenrych started H2 with five gears in the box and coming back from the back of the pack he slotted into third with Shane Smith in fourth spot, Willem Swart fifth and Paul Munnik sixth in his 79B VW Golf MkI.

Gary Smith taking class D, Barry Williams class D in his TRI Brake & Clutch 117D BMW, Ryan Large class E and Michael Flynn class F.

Overall the results overall saw Raaziegh Harris staking a claim as one of the quickest drivers in the category with his rapid 66X VW Golf certainly now capable of living with the 112A Skilpadvlei version of Shane du Toit. Shane Smith however claimed third overall in his 30B Truck Logistics BMW E46 M3 with Shane du Toit third overall after his H1 maladies. Willem Swart fourth overall in his 222B VW Jetta and Paul Munnik fifth in the MPC 79B VW Golf MkI. The top six completed by veteran Gary Smith in the 30C Truck Logistics BMW.

Francois van Tonder second in class C with his 44C VW Polo GTi and JP Share third in the 102C Beemer. Barry Williams claimed Class D in his 117D BMW with Ciara van Niekerk second in her Wingfield Motors 2D VW Golf MkI. Ryan Large claimed class E in the Akwasol 55E VW Golf MkI and in class F Michael Flynn (Flynns 97F VW Golf MkI) and Phillip Venter (Young Guns Plumbing 108F VW Golf MkI) finished first and second respectively.

This possibly one of the smallest entries ever in the Thermo Fires Clubmans series and hopefully the numbers will increase substantially for the next round.

Spitfire Furniture Sports & GT Cars 2x10 Laps

Francis Carruthers, Harp Motorsport / Ravenol Oil Pilbeam PM 84, and Steve Humble, Harp Motorsport Opel Mallock Mk14B, were back at the front of the pack. Fresh from a new Simola Hillclimb record and overall victory the Gould 55 Nicholson-McLaren was back in storage and the Mallock was fit to fight another day. Trying to create a race the teammates nearly tripped over each other  and it was Steve Humble who cruised to victory from Yanni Hatzi in the Nissan 200SX Turbo , Clinton Thorne in the world’s most radical Lotus 7 with Dr Mike Verrier fourth in the Shlebey Nissan, Francis Carruthers recovering from his sight seeing in Turn four to finish fifth and the ever present Louis de Jager sixth in the Lola T212 Toyota replica.

Clearly the Simola Hillclimb and the SAES Endurance race in the Eastern Cape influenced the numbers locally, but as the main attraction on a Wingfield Motors Power Series regional event this was not a very convincing effort.

Heat two saw just eight cars reach the chequered flag after ten laps and at the front Steve Humble led Francis Carruthers over the finish line with Clinton Thorne third, Mike Verrier fourth, Yanni Hatzi fifth and Louis de Jager sixth.

Laude Classic Cars 2x9 Laps

The return of Dave Köpke in the 23A Mazda R100 have certainly upped the interest in the Laude Classic Cars and the additional pace from the refreshed Charles Arton 70A Datsun 240Z 3.0 will make Franco Donadio even more spectacular in the Donadio Plant Hire 1A Ford Escort MkI 2.0 as he actually thrives on having serious competition present.

Three very different cars and drivers creating brilliant racing and after the previous event one simply had to anticipate more of the same. Franco was a Goodwood Midget legend and Dave Köpke started off his racing career in an Escort on ovals whilst Charles made his appearance a little later.

Dry weather could of course also see Eric van der Merwe close in with the Lynx Motorsport Porsche 944T whilst the traditional Ford vs Chevrolet saga went pear shaped for the blue oval brigade when the blue De Ville proved unstoppable!

Once again the Laude Classic Cars stole the limelight with Dave Köpke and the Mazda R100 properly sorted this time, Charles Arton and the Datsun 240Z in determined frame of mind and Franco Donadio possibly a little surprised in the Donadio Plant Hire Ford Escort MkI. The R100 posting 1min22.553 enroute to victory in H1 with Donadio second and Michael Hitchcock third in the Cross Cape Forklift Services 67A Ford Mustang V8. Fending off the 240Z was quite an inspired effort as Arton looked pretty determined in the Datsun.

Eric van der Merwe fifth in his Lynx Motorsport 89A Porsche 944T with Andrew Honeywell sixth in the second 196A Porsche 944T. Ferdi Mouton took class B in his Cape Forklift Services 68B Ford Mustang V8 with Jared Thomson first in class C with his very neat 79C Ford Cortina 3.0S. Jacques Blom added class D to the Ford basket in his Texaco 124D Ford Sierra Cosworth RS replica. Anton Rollino claimed class E for the little Rob Tissington 42E Morris Minor 1275.

Class F would have been another Ford benefit had Melt Carstens not decided to have the most spectacular off in Fastron corner with his Koos Swanepoel replica Ford Cortina MkII. Somehow he managed not to roll on both sides of the circuit, he jumped higher across the circuit than the Rally X cars manage with their “Yump”, added an open drivers door for style, missed everyone else before rotating to a standstill at the exit from the scrutineers.

Erik Mouton held the spinning out of Fastron style award in the Chevrolet De Ville V8 but now it is doubtful whether anyone would ever be able to challenge this Cortina! However, Erik Mouton, did serve notice on the Ford contingent by posting a best time of 1min22.739! That makes the Titanic as quick as the R100! Would have been interesting had the fanbelt not disappeared from the engine after seven laps.

Heat almost saw the R100 tapped into a spin by the Datsun in Hoals Hoek but order was soon restored and the little red Mazda R100 passed the chquered flag 4.092sec ahead of the entertaining Donadio Escort wihilst Charles managed to keep the 240Z ahead of the Hitchcock Mustang V8 with Eric van der Merwe fifth and the All Scale 73A Trevor Momberg Ford Capri V6 Interceptor sixth.

The blue Capri keeping it’s driver very busy with an uncomfortable twitch when powering out of corners. Andrew Honeywell seventh in his neat Porsche 944T. Ferdi Mouton claimed class B, Jared Thomson class C, Jacques Bom class D, Niel Mouton and the Rhino Linings 3E Alfa Romeo Guilia 2.0 got one over the Tissington Morris.

Dave Köpke taking overall honours in determined fashion with the Mazda R100 with Franco Donadio second in the Donadio Plant Hire Ford Escort MkI and Charles Arton third in his very impressive Datsun 240Z. Michael Hitchcock keeping the trio honest with his Ford Mustang V8 and the Porsche duo of Eric van der Merwe and Andrew Honeywell coming closer too.

Ferdi Mouton claimed class B with his Cross Cape Forklift Services Ford Mustang V8 with Dr Geoff Bihl second in the neat Porsche 944T. Bruce Avern-Taplin and his Toyota Corolla Sprinter unfortunate to spin midway through Malmesbury Sweep, sideswiping the rapidly passing Chevrolet De Ville V8 of Erik Mouton. The Corolla lost.

Jared Thomson and his showroom spec CJ Supplies 79D Ford Cortina 3.0S owned class C with the giant killing 38D Mini of Dion Valentine a mighty second with Lane Hutchings third in his VW Motorsport replica HSC 74D VW Golf MkII GTi. Trevor Hutchings settling for fourth in class with the neat HSC 71D VW Scirocco. Deon Conradie fifth in his Serge Damseaux Gp N replica 86D Toyota Conquest RSi.

Jacques Blom made a week of nightmares preparing his Texaco Ford Sierra Cosworth Turbo RS replica worthwhile by winning the class whilst Anton Rollino brought the Rob Tissington Morris 1275 home ahead of the Niel Mouton Rhino Linings Alfa Romeo Guilia 2.0 in class E. Robert Rowe the only class X entry in his BMW 2002i.

Bejo Trustees Fine Cars

Somewhat misleading in it’s on track result as certain cars race on invitation and as such do not qualify for the series with respect to points whilst the championship itself is based on the Index of Performance result rather than the on track overall result.

Theo Claassen returned in the Yesterday’s Heroes 85 Nissan Skyline GTX 2.8 and led the somewhat outgunned Rodney Green 19 MGB home with Natasha Tischendorf third in her 285 VW Jetta and Coenraad Mathee fourth in his blue 928 Porsche 928.

Heat two a repeat of this result except for the fact that Rodney Green did not start and that allowed Eckard van Reenen to claim fourth spot.

On Index of Performance

Alert Engine Parts GTi Challenge 1x7 and 1x8 Laps

Jurie Swart (Summit Racing VW Polo 6R) and Marco Busi (Automan VW Polo 6R) provided the class A entertainment by lapping almost as one to cross the line 0.246 seconds apart after seven laps. Pity, as a delays again saw some races run over reduced distances. Colin Meder Jnr claimed third ahead of Dillon Joubert, Kai van Zyl and Nathan Victor.

Class B was equally entertaining with Eden Thompson (Mad Racing 1B VW Polo 6) pipping Tate Bishop (Angri Racing VW Jetta) by a scant 0.353 seconds with Ian Kapp ((Hydracor Hydraulics VW Polo) third and Kyle Wiltshire fourth in his Summit Racing 54B VW Polo 6. Marc Thompson (Somerset Refrigeration 81B VW Polo Classic) claiming fifth spot with Steven Vermaak sixth.

Chase Heroldt (Pilot Hydraulics 29C VW Golf MkI) dominated class C with John-Henri Vaughan (Maps Racing VW Golf MkI) a distant second with Seth van der Beele (Summit Racing VW Golf MkI) strapped to his rear seat by 0.050 seconds. Dylan van Eeden fourth, Jade Lynch fifth and Mohammed Khalpey sixth.

Marco Busi and Jurie Swart took to old style Terry Moss Gp One racing habits by leaning onto each other on more than one occasion with the inevitable result that one would come short eventually. This time Marco Busi survived to finish first in the 8 lap second heat with Colin Meder Jnr second and Jurie Swart home third. The fact that Jurie Swart also shared a 30 sec jump start penalty with Dillon Joubert and Kai van Zyl did not help!

Tate Bishop claimed class B in the absence of Eden Thompson with Ian Kapp second and the bucking bronco of Kyle Wiltshire third. Marc Thompson fourth, Steven Vermaak fifth and Danie Sandenbergh sixth. Chase Heroldt again dominating class C with John-Henri Vaughan second, Matthew Rowe third, Seth van der Beele fourth, Mohammed Khalpey fifth and Jade Lynch sixth.

Each of the three classes providing the spectators with an independent race worth watching and the biggest surprise was most certainly the dominant performance of Chase Herolt in class C.

Overall Marco Busi claimed victory from Colin Meder Jnr, Jurie Swart, Dillon Joubert, Kai van Zyl and Tate Bishop.

Class A order Marco Busi (Automan), Colin Meder Jnr (International Tube Technology), Jurie Swart (Summit Racing), Dillon Joubert (Powder Coating World), Kai van Zyl (Unlimited Auto Angri) and Nathan Victor (Summit Racing).

Class B had Tate Bishop (Angri Racing Academy) leading Ian Kapp (Hydracor Hydraulics), Kyle Wiltshire (Summit Racing), Marc Thompson (Somerset Refrigiration), Steven Vermaak and Danie Sandenbergh.

Class C Chase Heroldt dominated from John-Henri Vaughan (Maps Racing), Seth van der Beele (Summit Racing), Jade Lynch (Table Bay Roadworthy Centre), Dylan van Eden and Mohammed Khalpey (M.A.D.Performance).

Pirelli V8 Masters 2x7 Laps

Pirelli was announced as the new V8 Masters title sponsor and one could relate to their statement that Power is nothing without Control when reflecting on the antics of the V8 Master drivers.

With the likes of Marcel and Dayne Angel, Gary Kieswetter, Jess Huggett and many more in the Eastern Cape for the SAES Endurance races Fabio Tafani and Sean Moore resumed their battle on the front row of the V8 Masters. Also missing from the H1 grid was Richard Schreuder with a broken crankshaft after having qualified third on the grid.

Fabio Tafani (1G Club Refrigiration) claiming the Gold category over shortened 7 lap first heat from Sean Moore (73G Kriegler) , Mark Ridgway (53G getWorth), Carl Nel (64G ), Rui Campos (29G Campos Transport) and Barry Ingle (70G Vuurberg).

Menno Parsons (69S) led Denis Gaiduk (9S Auion Rock Wines) home in the Silver category with Mark Voget (21S) third, Sander le Bon (2S) fourth, Ilan Kaplan (46S) fifth and Stuart Spooner (55S) sixth.

Heat two was red flagged when Sander le Bon managed to illustrate the Pirelli slogan by parking his 2S APV 347is on it’s roof coming out of Hoals Hoek after a number of cars tried to place their Pirelli rubber on exactly the same piece of tarmac.

With the chaos tuned down to mild it was Rui campos who got the Simola bit between his teeth and the Campos Transport 29G entry was never headed, taking a popular second heat win from Carl Nel, Fabio Tafani, Barry Ingle, Sean Moore and Menno Parsons.

Overall the order remained Tafani, Moore, Campos, Nel, Ingle and Parsons.

Gold saw Tafani ahead of Moore, Campos, Nel, Ingle and Ridgway.

Silver saw Parsons ahead of Gaiduk, Kaplan, Spooner, Voget and le Bon.

Bridgestone STC 650 and SSP 300 Motorcycles 1x8 1x9 Laps

Could they repeat the spectacular action of the previous meeting in the absence of David Lindemann? Indeed they could and it was 15 year old Tristin Pienaar (KTM Paarl Kawasaki 650) who crossed the finish line at the end of the first heat with a scant 0.095 second victory over Jason Linekar (RST Kawasaki Ninja 650) and veteran Lance Jonas third. Sadly Slade van Niekerk (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ER650) found himself sliding into the Hoals Hoek scenery on the opening lap but clearly this class is now proving to be very impressive. Andre Calvert (Jet Nav Kawasaki 650) and Ryan Coetzee slotting into fifth and sixth spot.

Nicholas Hutchings (HSC Racing KTM RC 390) was taking no prisoners in the SP300 category and simply disappeared into the horizon with Adrian Solomon (Pool King Kawasaki Ninja 300) second, Mitch Robinson (Mag Workshop Kawasaki Ninja 389) third, Jarryd Butler (Project Sixty60 Honda CBR 500) fourth, Braddon Hutchings (HSC Racing KTM RC390) fifth and Abigail Bosson sixth.

Slade van Niekerk (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ER650) was back for heat two, winning the Bridgestone STC 650 class by 0.046seconds from Jason Linekar and Tristin Pienaar with Lance Jonas(Samurai Racing Suzuki SV650) fourth, Ryan Coetzee (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki 650) fifth and Andrew Liebenberg (KTM Duke 690) sixth.

In the Bridgestone SP300 category Nicholas Hutchings (HSC Racing KTM RC390) won by 22.604 seconds from Adrian Solomon (Pool King Kawasaki Ninja 300), Jarryd Butler (Projext Sixty60 Honda CBR500), Mitch Robinson (Mag Workshop Kawasaki Ninja 390), Raymond Alexander (HSC Racing Kawasaki Ninja 300) and Abigail Bosson (Ateka Yamaha YZF300).

Overall it was Jason Linekar that proved superior from Tristin Pienaar, Lance Jonas, Ryan Coetzee, Nicholas Hutchings and Andrew Liebenberg. In the SP300 class Nicholas Hutchings proved dominant from Adrian Solomon, Mitch Robinson, Jarryd Butler,Raymond Alexander and Abigail Bosson.

Nicholas Hutchings won the SSP 300 category by a mere 5.358 seconds with Willy van Niekerk second, Adrian Solomon third, Jaryd Butler fourth, Braddon Hutchings fifth and Mitch Robinson sixth.

Overall it was Tristin Pienaar (KTM Paarl Kawasaki 650) that took top honours in the STC 650 category from David Lindemann (GM Painting Contractors Suzuki SV650) and Slade van Niekerk (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ER650) with Jason Linekar (RST Kawasaki Ninja 650) fourth, Gerrit Visser fifth and Lance Jonas sixth. SSP 300 saw Nicholas Hutchings win from Willy van Niekerk, Jaryd Butler, Braddon Hutchings, Adrian Solomon and Mitch Robinson.

South Superbikes – Challenge - Masters – 600cc Motorcycles 2x8 Laps

Malcolm Rapson (M) and the Racebase Suzuki GSXR1000 cruised to victory in H1 with Ronald Slamet second on his Vault Markets Kawasaki ZX10R. The latter not happy with the new tyres on his machine. J-P Friederich (GR Tax Yamaha R1) very happy with third spot whilst Trevor “Killer” Westman (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ZX10R) found himself down in fourth spot. Robert Cragg (M) (Matrix Consulting Kawasaki ZX10R) slotted into fifth with Jacques Ackermann (M) (Project Sixty60 Kawasaki ZX10R) sixth.

Kewyn Snyman (Missile Motorcycle Honda CBR600) returned to the 600cc category and made a pest of himself amongst the more powerful machines with consistent Mike Hunter (LLG Properties Kawasaki ZX6R) running second. Zobair Adams (Towards the Light Suzuki GSXR750) third and Jamie Hall (Master Glass Garden Route Honda CBR600RR) fourth.

Michael du Toit (M) (Danie Maritz Racing Yamaha R1) led the SBK Challenge category from Matthew van Niekerk (Kawasaki ZX10R) , Shaun Mackrill (M) (GFP Lighting Kawasaki ZX10R), André Kruger (M) (Motorwise Kawasaki ZX10R) , Wayne Arendse (M) (The JJ Smith Trust Kawasaki ZX10R) and Brad Bodsworth (M) (Honda CBR1000).

Heat two again saw Rapson leading Slamet home but in third it was the rampant 600cc of Kewyn Snyman with J-P Friederich fourth, Robb Cragg (Matrix Consulting) fifth and Jacques Ackermann sixth.

Overall the Superbike category went to Malcolm Rapson with Ronald Slamet second, J-P Friederich third, Rob Cragg fourth, Jacques Ackermann fifth and Trevor Westman a disappointing sixth.

Kewyn Snyman (Missile Motorcycles Honda) topped the 600cc bikes from Mike Hunter, Zobair Adams and Jamie Hall.

Superbike Challenge going to Michael du Toit, Shaun Mackrill, André Kruger, Wayne Arendse, Brad Bodsworth (Honda CBR 1000) and Matthew van Niekerk (Kawasaki ZX10R).

Strato Tech Clubman, Classic & Breakfast Run Motorcycles 2x8 Laps

Norman McFadden (Kawasaki ZX6R) claimed first place in H1 from Danie “van Killarney” Maritz (Suzuki GSXR1000) by just 0.092 seconds and the game was on. Danie dedicated his appearance on the pre-sling Suzuki to the memory of his 64 year old brother Francois Maritz who and recently lost a brave battle with cancer and the No 64 machine was not going to be held back.

Jan Fourie (Motoflex Suzuki GSXR 1000) took third spot from Willem Binedell (Melkbios Motor Spres Triumph Daytona 675), Nasief Smart and Donovan Stevens (Suzuki 1000).

Danie Maritz and Jan Fourie enjoying a great tussle in heat two until Jan dropped the plot allowing Norman McFadden to finish second with Nasief Smart third, Nick Benn (Suzuki GSXR1000) fourth, Shaun Harris fifth and Donovan Stevens sixth.

Overall the Classic Superbike order was Danie Maritz (Suzuki GSXR1000) from Mario Ferreira (Promar Projects BMW R1100S), Hano Ferreira (BMW R1100S) and William Morries (BMW R1100S).

Clubmans saw Norman McFadden winning from Nasief Smart, Nick Benn, Donovan Stevens, Derek Hendricks (Yamaha R6) and Wayne Gresse (Tonys Motor Spares Kawasaki ZX10R).

Breakfast Run going to Shaun Harris from Daniel Frost (CHW Design Honda CBR 1000), Wesley Hendricks (Maxicool Kawasaki ZX10R), Ruan Smit (Motoflex Suzuki GSXR 750), Quintin Weening (Onemixza,com BMW S1000RR) and Shandin Thompson (Master Glass Garden Route Yamaha R1).

Next Meeting

4 June 2022