WBMK Gymkhana 90 - 7th Weskus Mall Gymkhana Vredenburg

Saturday, August 17, 2013
Weskus Mall Vredenburg

11ºC predicted for the proposed 10h00 start of the first car but it should feel like 8ºC and there is a 47% of a shower with the odds of rain remaining around the 50% mark all day with a consistent 19km/h WSW wind to make it a chilly experience. Come prepared for cold and wet and hopefully it will not be. Team GrandPa will be present as will the new Dad - but doubt whether the new born will be driving yet!


Weather looking much better for Saturday. Very cold day predicted with minimal chance of the odd shower.


Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Points Log after Round 4 have been added.


Date change from 24 August 2013 to 17 August 2013. Details to follow as soon as possible


Thanks to Weskus Mall who will be hosting a 7th Weskus Mall Vredenburg Gymkhana on Saturday 17 August 2013. Though this will certainly be considered another character building season for the series the event will be considered a milestone too as we will be reaching 90 events since starting in July 1999. There have certainly been some great highlights and instead of dwelling on the recent disappointments the focus remain on building the future.

Another milestone comes in the form of a 40th birthday for the WBMK Gymkhana Finish Marshal, Meghan Nortjé. She might not be able to improve your times but you could make this a special event for her?

The 90th Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana took place in icy cold and wet weather conditions but thanks to the presence of many familiar faces a festive atmosphere made this an event to remember. The entry was small but the fight for overall victory was extreme and went down to the final run. Even if it was possible, changing anything about the day would have been the only mistake! 90 events in...

Supplemetary Regulations - 7th Weskus Mall Vredenburg Gymkhana - 17 August 2013534.96 KB
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2013 WBMK Gymkhana Championship R4 Drivers - Points Log76.94 KB
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2013 WBMK Open Gymkhana Championship R4 Class Navigators - Points Log88.91 KB
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