WBMK Gymkhana 93 - Velddrif

Saturday, November 2, 2013
Dagbreek Farm Velddrif

This event [proved to be quite an adventure. There were 43 entries, uncomfortable heat, dust storms that could have been from The Mummy, absolutely brilliant racing, concluded with a magic prizegiving - good music and great meal. Congratulations to each and every person who were part of the 2013 WBMK season, the class champions and overall winners, officials and supporters.

Potential of having the best entry of the year as everyone seems to want to be present at Dagbreek for the final round. Though we are still awaiting the Dynotech entries the response from the Eikestad Plastic Repairs team have been exceptional. The Ceres clan are also back with intent. Missing will be the black class A Opel Kadett Superboss of Rafique Firfirey. The suspension damage sustained in Ceres was quickly repaired but the engine required serious attention and there simply have not been enough time to shakedown the fresh engine. Rafique will be driving a blue 1800 Golf instead and will also share the NP200 LDV of Dickie. Sadly have not heard from Jacobus Smit either.

With such an encouraging entry for Dagbreek it really holds much promise for the turnout at Wings & Wheels AFB Ysterplaat which will follow as a non-scoring promotional event on 7-8 December 2013.

Once again a little bit of a thinkers route - not quite as easy as it may look at first glance. A goo balance will be required to be quick in any fwd and for the rwd if you can get good grip?

For inquiries and bookings contact Chris and Sanet Visser on 022 -783 0867 or Chris on 082 784 4903

Entries are open and thank to Herman Louw and Chris Visser the route is currently being cleaned for the big day. Please read attached information and place your orders as required.

Drive along the N7 towards Piketberg and take a left onto the MR529  towards Velddrif, some 35km later you will find the Dagbreek Farm (Padstal) on your left.

 So it's a Piketberg Gymkhana in Velddrif or the other way round? Danye and Marcile Louw suggested this venue in February 2013 and though it may be considered extremely small this will be the perfect venue for a season finalé. There is much to be done and unfortunately this will also be the last time we can host an event at this venue for some time as the MR599 will be rebuilt from January 2014 and as such this venue will become a base from which the road builders will operate.

Paperwork is in process - more info soon!

Sounds unfamiliar? It should, because we have never been there before. Very compact format this event should take the older competitors back a few years as this would be very similar to those early events.

Incredible as it might seem we are fast approaching the end of 2013 and coming Saturday the final point scoring event of the 2013 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Chamionship will take place midway between Velddrif and Piketberg on the Cape West Coast. The 1st Dagbreek Velddrif Gymkhana will certainly be different and being a new venue – it will undoubtedly develop it’s own unique...

What a day, what a route, what an atmosphere! Such a pity for those who did not attend – you possibly missed the best event of the 2013 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Championship on Saturday 2 November 2013. An unknown to all present the 1st Dagbreek Farm Gymkhana the event delivered on all fronts! In fact, it got dirty – very dirty!

The numbers were there with a welcome 43...

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