Wingfield Motors Power Series 4 & Africa 3 hour

Saturday, June 6, 2015
Killarney Motorsport Complex, Milnerton


Local heroes to defend Killarney home glory with Gauteng challengers out to avenge Kyalami defeat

It’s all to play for as the African Endurance circus races into the Killarney 3-hour darkness Saturday evening 6 June, with local Cape drivers hell-bent on defending home glory after beating Kyalami’s darlings at home last month.

Cape Town duo Francis Carruthers and Nick Adcock came from behind to drive their Harp Motorsport Juno SS3 into that Gauteng victory lane after pulling a late race on the similar car of Jozi brothers Duncan and Graham Vos last time out. Now the brothers Vos, who won the previous round 2 at the KZN Dezzi raceway before that Kyalami defeat, are out for revenge at the foot of Table Mountain. So a fourth round victory for Carruthers, Adcock and third driver for this weekend, Dean McCarroll would be all that much sweeter, just metres from their Harp Racing Killarney paddock workshop.

But neither of those teams will have it easy with opening round Free State 6-hour winners Steve Humble and Johan Engelbrecht keen to be the first team to go two 2015 African Endurance wins up at Killarney in another Harp Motorsport Juno, while a broad field of other top sports car entries remain desperate to break that Juno stranglehold on top of the table. Trevor Frost and Franco di Matteo are among those looking for a cleaner weekend aboard the stunning Bailey LMP2, while Mike Verrier and Mark Lauth’s Shelby Can Am is another African Endurance Series regular pining for that top step of the podium.

All of them will have to keep an eye out for Cape wildcards Colin Plit and Dawie Joubert’s Juno, while the Greg Mills/Andrea Bate Pilbem will certainly want to be the crew to end that Juno domination at its home track. Never mind Josh Broome and Richard Schreuder’s Radical, the Steve Pickering/Rohann Theron Porsche 910, the Eric Salomon/John Amm Elf 506, Rod Schafer and Rob Hewitt in a Lotus Seven and the Martin Pugh/Ralph Odendaal and Andrew Moffatt/Richard Schreuder Lolas among the other sports cars looking for Killarney glory.

This weekend should prove an easier one for local Cape Town hero Craig Harper and his eponymous little Harper sports car he will share with Clinton Thorne. Craig has driven his remarkable little racecar over 10000km to and from the opening three upcountry races so far this year, so the short drive to Killarney will be a relatively easy ride to and from the track this time round, hopefully with another trophy alongside on this short drive home.

There is a just as interesting battle brewing among the GT entries with Charl and Harry Aranges’ Ferrari taking on a fleet of Porsches including Sun Moodley/Andrew Culbert/Preyen Moodley, Stefan Puschavez, Fred de Kok/Nicky Dicks, Dillon, Matthew and Stephen Miller and Graham and Tania du Toit, as well as the Dave Alhadeff/Jonathan Bernstein/Chris Carolin Panoz Esperante and the roaring Craig Jarvis/Marcel Angel Dodge Viper ACR.

Of course in typical endurance fashion, saloon cars will form a good proportion of the grid in typical endurance fashion, with Natal duo Mickey Schmidt and Bruce Avern-Taplin’s Frankies Toyota Corolla leading the tin-top African Endurance championship chase and ready to defend that from the Theo van Vuuren/Bradley Scorer/Martin Botha Alfa Romeo GT, ErnestRoos and Gary Fourie’s BMW, Justin Mathie and Gary Sherrat in a Nissan 370Z and the Deon Crous/Ronald van Rensburg/Robbie Beninca and Terence Ehlers/Dave Russel VW Golfs.

Killarney has a glorious endurance racing heritage with regular long-distance races completed over many years, from the halcyon 1960s when the Hawkins/Love Ferrari Can Am took on a swarm of Ford GT40s, Lola T70s and Chevrons in that glorious Springbok Series era, through those legendary ‘eightis and ‘90s Group N Production Car six, seven and nine-hours to more recent enduros, so Saturday’s races should evoke some classic memories while at the same time adding to an incredible Killarney endurance race legend and history.

The African Endurance Cape 3 Hour starts late afternoon at 4pm Saturday to end off a packed Killarney Carnival Power Series raceday and the race runs well into the dark following a quick midwinter 17h40 Cape sunset. And with long-term forecasts predicting a brisk but clear day following a week of rain, it should prove a brilliant day and evening’s outing. So why not?


With Saturday’s unique Carnival Race Day offering more top flight variety than has ever been seen at Killarney in the past, there has been a huge build-up of expectation among petrol-heads of all ages.

The on track action includes the Cape round of the All-Africa 3-Hour Endurance Race Series that is due to finish in the dark, a leg of the South African Superkart Championship and...

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Killarney winter races - PBV

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