WPMC All Tar Rally WC5

Saturday, August 6, 2022
Killarney International Raceway

Traditionally much more challenging than it sounds the entire event takes place within the confines of the Killarney International Raceway and though it may seem shorter in distance it is extremely hard on both man and machine as it allows zero chance to relax your concentration. Do not underestimate this event

Brian Hoskins, veteran Clerk of the Course, lead the Western Province Motor Club back into the Western Cape Rally Championship as the 5/6 August 2022 WPMC event look set to retur to it's popular two day format with a number of night stages on the cards for the Friday evening, setting the scene for a Saturday of demanding rallying. 

The Killarney International Raceway offers competitors and spectators a unique opportunity to contest an event without ever leaving the facility. This opens the event to the potential invitation to other categories of motorsport as their cars do not have to be "street legal" in order to compete and it becomes a matter of pride between the faster, but more fragile in rallying terms, race cars against the stronger, but less nimble, rally cars. 

402 Shaheen Amlay

405 Rupert van Zyl

409 Julian Calvert

413 Keenan Sassman

413B Clinton Sassman

420 Ebrahim Mia

422 Faizel Davids

428 Winston Neethling

431 Ismaeel Davids

433 Riyaad Amalay

434 Llewellyn Jones

445 Justin Engle

447 Theo Croy

454 Owen Jones

456 Mustapha Mia

457 Seraaj Amlay

459 Gareth Vernon

461 Inus du Plessis

462 Erin Joshua

465 Warren Köhler

474 Werner Koekemoer