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Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton
Killarney International Raceway, Milnerton

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Broadlinks KTM - Stage 12 - El Salvador to La Serena

Thursday 16th January

It was a trouble-free day for Broadlink KTM’s Riaan van Niekerk yesterday. Besides making the finish with some badly dented rims, tell tale signs of a rough stage, it was flat out for the most part....

Dakar Rally Rookies Rundle/ Mohr 25th Overall With Two Stages Remaining

South African Toyota privateers Thomas Rundle and Juan Mohr (DMack/Barden Toyota Hilux) continued to impress on their first Dakar Rally, bringing home their ex-Toyota Motorsport Hilux in 50th place on the special stage 10 between...

Broadlinks KTM - Stage 11 - Antofagasta to El Salvador

It was a slow start for Broadlink KTM’s Riaan van Niekerk as he dived into the first of two specials, he soon found his rhythm and placed 12th on the stage just 23 minutes and 29 seconds down putting him in 12th overall. KTM Red...

De Villiers / Von Zitzewitz Regain 4th Place In Dakar Rally

Giniel de Villiers and German co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz of the Toyota Imperial SA Dakar team showed once again on Wednesday’s 231-kilometre stage 10 between Iquique and Antofagasta in Chile that they were the only petrol-...

Rundle / Mohr Improve To 22nd Overall On The Dakar Rally

The DMack/Barden team’s Thomas Rundle and Juan Mohr, the South African privateers competing in their first Dakar Rally in the same Toyota Hilux in which 2009 winners Giniel de Villiers and Germany’s Dirk von Zitzewitz...

Stage 10 - Iquique to Antofagasta

Tuesday 14th January

Riders got a true taste of the Atacama desert, with wide open sections and lot’s of sand. Broadlink’s Riaan van Niekerk got lost twice and finished 17th on the stage, losing 35 minutes to Marc...

De Villiers and Von Zitzewitz 5th After Nine Dakar Stages

Special stage nine of the 2014 Dakar Rally between Calama and the coastal city of Iquique in Chile on Tuesday turned out to be a lot more difficult than South Africa’s Giniel de Villiers and German co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz (...

Rookies Rundle/ Mohr Defend Top 25 Position in Dakar

Despite a recurrence of their earlier power steering problems on Tuesday’s stage nine, privateers Thomas Rundle and Juan Mohr (DMack/Barden Toyota Hilux) defended their impressive top 25 position in the Dakar Rally after finishing...

De Villiers and Von Zitzewitz Move Up to 3rd Overall

A fighting sixth place under disadvantageous conditions on Sunday’s seventh special stage – a 533-kilometre mega loop from Salta to Salta at an average altitude of 3 500 metres – saw South Africa’s Giniel de...

Broadlink KTM - Stage 7 - Salta to Uyuni

The competitors were relieved to see the rest day, the first half of this years Dakar has been more intense than normal putting around 100 of the 180 bikes out of the rally. We woke up to an overcast sky, welcoming the cooler weather...

Rundle / Möhr Score Best Dakar Stage Result to Date

Rundle / Mohr Score Best Dakar Stage Result So Far and Move Up to 19th Overall With Six Stages Remaining

On a day that saw the petrol-engined, normally aspirated Toyota Hilux suffer more than the turbo-diesel cars on a stage that...

Successful First Week For De Villiers / Von Zitzewitz And Poulter / Howie In Dakar Rally

South Africa’s Giniel de Villiers and German co-driver Dirk von Zitzewitz (Toyota Imperial Hilux) completed the first week of the Dakar Rally in fourth place overall after finishing fourth on Friday’s special stage six...