Jones and Pichon dominate CEJ Plant Hire Rally

Cyril and Lynette Jones could not have chosen a more rewarding moment to step in as title sponsors of a round of the Western Cape Rally Championship than the CEJ Plant Hire Rally Malmesbury.

Rain, wonderful rain, and more wonderful rain, saw the dams making excellent progress and the stock of wet weather tyres diminish as the persistent rain would last till Friday. Saturday dawned chilly, but in beautiful sunshine, and the 21 teams entered faced the reality of standing water and saturated soil. Perfect conditions if you were seated in the comfort of anything with 4x4 traction.

Fun in the Mud

Many moons ago the Pop’s Robert Interclub Championship saw members of the five Rally Clubs in the Western Cape present rally sprints, gymkhana and regularity rallies contest in a fun series where road cars and almost any competition car could be utilised by a variety of drivers and navigators without breaking the bank. Slowly but surely the club element (such as the club award in each regional and national rally), was eliminated, for reasons that can be debated for days on end and the Pop’s Robert series was discontinued.

Foot-Up Trials

Somehow going slowly have never really posed any challenge to most involved in motorsport, unless you are involved in motorcycle trial riding. A very misleading statement when presented with the term trial riding as the part they do not tell you is that their concept of what an actual trial represents borders on being impossible to ride.

Rallystar - Sunflowers will be Smiling .........


The reason why the sunflowers will be smiling on Friday and Saturday, 25 and 26 May 2018, is simple - real rallying is back!

In contrast to the sunflowers, do not be too surprised if you see a few grim, sweaty faces getting out of rally cars, looking as if the gave birth to something painful a short while ago.

Rallying, real rallying is back and who else but Rallystar now at the Carousel Hotel Casino is responsible.

Oupa hits back!

The opening round of the 2018 Witzenberg Gymkhana Championship saw the popular series return to the West Coast for the 4th Dagbreek Gymkhana Piketberg on Saturday 24 March 2018. Now in it’s 19th season the series have produced a number of young talents who progressed to more senior formula once they had established themselves at club level.



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