Regional Entries ready for Overberg Grand Prix

Two hundred and twenty years ago (1797) travelling 100km East from Cape Town would have seen you arrive at the Bad agter de Berg in a village known as Swartberg. Now named after the first British governor of the Cape (the 2nd Earl of Caledon, Du Pre Alexander) the capitol of the Overberg remains well known for it’s Mediterranean climate and mineral-rich hot springs.

Extreme Festival Killarney - PBV

Leon leads the way!

Winter leading into Spring simply has to be the most beautiful time of the year in the Western Cape with brilliant flowers in the Namakwaland region and green and yellow splendour in the Swartland, even the West Coast turning green. The trip to Wolseley via Paarl did not disappoint either and the almost customary “detour” via Slanghoek set the scene for another great day of gymkhana racing in front of the 1930 Sir Garnet Hotel in Solomon Street.

Team 418 - Living a Dream

Going back to 1972 John and Cecile Clift started rallying in Natal before moving to Paarl, joining the Wellington Motor Club in 1973. Contesting club rallies until 1975 and navigating for amongst others Addie Vervaart, Gawie Steyn and Ted Venter. Ted was deaf and they developed their own sign language, which apparently worked quite well! Does anyone else have any recollection of the Wellington Motor Club?

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