Overberg Blind Navigators Rally

The Caledon Casino, Hotel,Spa and Entertainment is proudly hosting the 2013 Blind Navigators Rally organized by the Western Cape arm of the South African Regularity Rally Association.

On Saturday the 7th of September, will kick off and end at the resort.

Manitou Group-VW Polo R2 on the podium in Gauteng

Past weekend, the team of Paul Franken and Henry Kohne, competing with the Manitou Group VW Polo R2, kicked off the second half of the South African National Rally Championship in a higher gear.


Heading into the event, knowing that they have the equipment and pace to be competitive they looked forward to put their streak of bad luck behind them and score a good result. Preparing for the event and doing a recci run on the Thursday, the team knew that day 1 was going to be tough and that they first had to survive it before they could think of a result.

WBMK Gymkhana Series Celebrates 90

The 90th Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana took place in icy cold and wet weather conditions but thanks to the presence of many familiar faces a festive atmosphere made this an event to remember. The entry was small but the fight for overall victory was extreme and went down to the final run. Even if it was possible, changing anything about the day would have been the only mistake! 90 events in fourteen years – congratulations WBMK!




The ninth round of the 2013 eni FIM Superbike World Championship took place at Silverstone, United Kingdom.  The circuit, heavily revised in recent years, is better known in the world of four wheels, but there are some riders who have shown an affinity for the place.


Nashrené Schloss makes Gymkhana History

For fourteen years, or 88 events, the Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Series have been an exclusively male dominated domain. Though this was never said in as many words they were quite proud of this fact. Though there were a few scares in the past it seemed that the threat would never become reality, that is, until Saturday 27 July 2013.

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