34th WBMK Awards

The highlight of any club has to be their annual awards as this represents the results achieved by members of the club, not only success as competitors but also as officials, supporters and even the families. What an empty feat it would be to succeed without anyone acknowledging the achievement, setting the standard for those starting fresh and allowing the retired to feel they guided the path forward. Winning is not everything and though it certainly beats coming second the real measure of your success is measured in the way you “play” the game.

Overberg Opens 2018 WP Rally Championship

The opening round of the 2018 Western Province Rally Championship is set for Saturday 17 March 2018 and the 2nd iKapa Reticulation and Flow Rally will undoubtedly get the rallying season of to a flying start as the Overberg district is renowned for it’s fast flowing routes.

Top Racing at Regional

The sight of David McFadden and Brandon Haupt challenging their own sanity on the approach to Fastron corner at the end of the rather bumpy back straight of the 3.267km Killarney International Raceway is a sight that has spectators holding their breath every lap. Heat one of the RST Suzuki South Superbikes possibly the most intensely contested tussle of the day during round two of the 2018 Wingfield Power Series Regional Championship.

Burger Fair Meet

WMPS1 Killarney 2018

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