9th Sir Garnet Gymkhana Wolseley

Leon leads the way!

Winter leading into Spring simply has to be the most beautiful time of the year in the Western Cape with brilliant flowers in the Namakwaland region and green and yellow splendour in the Swartland, even the West Coast turning green. The trip to Wolseley via Paarl did not disappoint either and the almost customary “detour” via Slanghoek set the scene for another great day of gymkhana racing in front of the 1930 Sir Garnet Hotel in Solomon Street.

Too fast to win!


As expected Wolseley was wet and cold on Saturday 15 July 2017, but far from spoiling the day the weather actually created a very interesting challenge and the final result certainly reflected a few surprises.

The opening round of the 2017 Witzenberg Motorklub Gymkhana Championship headed for Solomon Street in Wolseley and with the 1930 Sir Garnet Wolseley Hotel as background the scene was set. The local municipality even fixed the deteriorating surface in front of the hotel, allowing competitors to truly attack the stopwatch on each of their four individual runs.

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